Short-Range Transit Plans (SRTP)

Bay Area transit agencies regularly develop and update short-range plans to show operating and capital needs, service plans and budgets over a 10-year horizon.

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All transit agencies in the Bay Area are required to submit Short-Range Transit Plans (SRTPs) to MTC to comply with various Federal Transit Administration and Caltrans requirements.

MTC provides revenue forecasts, and the agencies submit 10-year plans that show how they expect to spend the money based on needs, goals and agency priorities. SRTPs include key operational data such as expected total service hours and total revenue miles.

MTC provides funding grants directly to transit operators to support the preparation of the SRTPs.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on public transit, the upcoming SRTP cycle will be for a shortened 5-year planning horizon. This will help provide a better understanding of regional public transit needs in the short term.

Bay Area Transit Recovery Scenario Planning

The 2022 SRTP cycle featured shorter and more focused reports, with an emphasis on transit service levels and plans as the COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts on society continue to evolve.

SRTPs prepared in 2022 included a scenario planning component. In it, operators were asked to provide several different service plans, based on different levels of operating funding that might be available.

The following documents provide additional context, details and specific requirements to support SRTP development:

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Transit Finance Working Group

The Transit Finance Working Group meets monthly to discuss new funding opportunities and issues that may affect transit agencies’ operating costs.

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