Regional Onboard Survey

MTC manages a passenger survey program that goes right to the source — Bay Area transit riders — to learn about their demographics, their travel needs, and what they think about the region's buses, trains and ferries.

Noah Berger

Since 2012, MTC has conducted a survey of roughly 5% of passengers riding the Bay Area’s buses, trains and ferries.

The focus of this survey is to ensure that transit services are meeting the equity needs of Bay Area riders. The survey data, and the equity analysis that follows, are used for future planning needs, and help MTC meet federal Title VI equity reporting requirements.

Visit the Survey Website

Get up-to-date survey information when you visit the Regional Onboard Survey Program website. Data, reports, tentative future survey schedules and more.

The survey is conducted on a rolling basis, completed each spring and each fall. Within each program cycle, a sample of passengers is surveyed roughly every five to seven years.

If you are randomly selected for the survey, MTC appreciates your participation. Thank you.