Webinar: The Future of Freeways

Step into the driver’s seat of policymakers and help MTC reimagine Bay Area freeways for the 21st century.

Freeway congestion hasn’t just returned – it’s worsening – and it will continue to deteriorate the Bay Area’s transportation system if we don’t shift gears.

This webinar invites you to step into the driver’s seat of policymakers. You’ll get to help envision the future of our region’s transportation, informed by a deeper understanding of both the root causes and disparate impacts of freeway congestion. This is a valuable opportunity to inform the development of innovative solutions to growing traffic delays and the lasting inequities of 20th century policy decisions.

Webinar Video Recordings & Presentation

View the webinar recordings, complete with question & answer sessions:

Future Public Engagement

Staff plans to conduct another round of public engagement in fall 2023. At that time, the public will be able to review an intermediate draft proposal for road pricing, learn about tradeoffs involved with such policy and provide input to planners. Learn more Exploring the Potential of Pricing.

Staff Contact

Anup Tapase, Next Generation Freeways Study Project Manager
Email: atapase@bayareametro.gov