Consistency with Plan Bay Area 2050

A growing number of environmental streamlining provisions and state funding programs require consistency with an applicable Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). In the San Francisco Bay Area, the applicable SCS is Plan Bay Area 2050. The resources below are intended for use in evaluating development projects and funding applications for consistency with Plan Bay Area 2050.

Resources for Funding Applications (including AHSC & HCD SuperNOFA)

Applicants for grant funding that require a letter from a Metropolitan Planning Organization/Council of Governments as part of the application, such as the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program, can submit the request using the form below. MTC/ABAG staff will respond with a letter of confirmation or follow up with questions.

View resources for Funding Applications: Plan Bay Area 2050 Consistency.

Project sponsors, lead agencies or funding applicants seeking to confirm if a project is within a Transit Priority Area can also visit the Transit Priority Areas web map.

Resources for Development Projects

To assist project sponsors and lead agencies seeking to determine if a development project is consistent with Plan Bay Area 2050, MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) provide a Plan Bay Area 2050 Consistency Checklist and associated web maps.

By law, development project review is the responsibility of lead agencies. The resources provided on this page are not intended to supersede this authority and are not intended to provide the basis for a formal finding of consistency or inconsistency with Plan Bay Area 2050.

Checklist: Plan Bay Area 2050 Consistency for Development Projects