Transit Fare Coordination & Integration Study

MTC, Bay Area transit agencies and county transportation agencies are researching ways to make the region's transit network better coordinated and more affordable.

Noah Berger

The Bay Area Transit Fare Coordination & Integration Study Draft Business Case Study has developed goals for a regional fare system that will improve the passenger experience and promote higher ridership across the region’s 27 different transit operators.

Goals & Recommendations

In addition to developing goals for a regional fare system that will improve the passenger experience and promote higher ridership, the study spelled out six main tasks for the project team:

  • Develop specific goals for a regional fare system
  • Document existing conditions and research successful coordination efforts to identify best practices for a Bay Area regional fare policy
  • Identify barriers to transit ridership
  • Develop and analyze viable alternatives
  • Build a business case for each selected alternative
  • Make recommendations and develop an implementation plan

The team has been working directly with riders and non-riders of the transit system to design fare policies that will make the system easier to use and encourage ridership.

Staff Contacts

William Bacon, MTC
Phone: (415) 778-6628

Michael Eiseman, BART
Phone: (510) 464-6435

Fare Integration Task Force

Learn more about the Fare Integration Task Force and attend upcoming meetings.

Task Force & Staff

Co-managed by staff from MTC and BART, the Transit Fare Coordination and Integration Study also established a Fare Integration Task Force with representatives from:

  • AC Transit
  • Caltrain
  • County Connection
  • Golden Gate Transit
  • Muni
  • Napa Valley Transportation Authority
  • SamTrans
  • Solano County Transit
  • Solano Transportation Authority
  • VTA
Funding for the Study

Approximately $900,000 from Regional Measure 2 was used to bring together local and international fare policy and user-research experts to study the region’s transit network.

Bay Area voters approved Regional Measure 2 in 2004 to help pay for transportation improvements.