Community-Based Transportation Plans (CBTPs)

MTC’s Community-Based Transportation Plans (CBTPs) take a grass-roots approach to addressing transportation issues facing low-income communities around the Bay Area.

Noah Berger

Community-Based Transportation Plans (CBTPs) bring local residents, community organizations and transportation agencies together to improve mobility options for low-income communities.

These community-led plans identify the most important transportation challenges in low-income neighborhoods and develop strategies to overcome them.

Findings help MTC and local policymakers make decisions on planning, funding and implementation.

Staff Contact

Raleigh McCoy, Regional Planning Program
Phone: (415) 778-6742

What’s in a CBTP?

Each completed plan contains:

  • Demographic analysis of the area
  • List of community-prioritized transportation gaps and barriers
  • Strategies or solutions to address these gaps
  • Identification of possible funding sources
  • List of stakeholders to implement the plan
  • Documented results of community outreach strategies

Completed Plans

More than 30 lower-income communities in all nine Bay Area counties have developed CBTPs. These include:


Guidelines for the CBTP program call for county transportation agencies to serve as the lead agency in each collaborative planning process.

Other participants include:

  • Community residents
  • Local community organizations
  • Faith-based organizations serving the local community
  • Transit agencies
  • MTC