MTC Express Lanes

MTC Express Lanes are part of the Bay Area Express Lanes network. Express Lanes are specially designated highway lanes that offer drivers a choice to save time by paying a toll while rewarding carpoolers with the same time savings at a lower cost. Learn more about Express Lanes at expresslanes.511.org.

MTC adopted the Bay Area Express Lanes Strategic Plan in April 2021, developed in collaboration with Bay Area Express Lane partners.

The Strategic Plan aligns the purpose, goals and strategies of the Express Lanes network with MTC's other regional goals, including Plan Bay Area 2050.

Express Lanes Policies: Read the policies that apply to the operation of MTC Express Lanes.

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Learn about how Bay Area Express Lanes work, toll exemptions, pricing, enforcement and more.

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New MTC Express Lanes

Read Connecting the Bay Area: Express Lanes Network 2021 Strategic Plan to see which Express Lanes projects are opening soon, are under construction, or are planned.


Congestion Data

How much time do drivers spend in congestion on Bay Area freeways?

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Commute Modes

How are Bay Area residents getting to work?

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I-880 Express Lanes to Open for Business Oct. 2
Express Lanes START℠

Discounts on Interstate 880 Express Lanes for lower-income adults.

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Development of the Express Lanes network is a cooperative effort between MTC, several Bay Area county transportation authorities, Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol, with input from other stakeholders who are invested in the success of the network. This includes transit operators and groups who advance equity, and those who encourage carpooling and vanpooling.