About MTC

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is the transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

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MTC helps the Bay Area's nearly eight million residents — and countless visitors — get around.

As a Metropolitan Planning Organization, MTC supports the region’s network of streets, roads, highways, public transit systems, airports and other transportation resources, including the movement of goods through ports and freight rail lines.

MTC touches it all, with a focus on building a better transportation system that works for everyone while supporting a resilient economy and environment.

MTC works with cities and counties to establish short- and long-term goals and provides resources to help them reach these goals. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making safer streets that work for everybody and making sure all residents have equal access to transportation resources are just a few of these goals.

For details about MTC's state-mandated roles and responsibilities, see California Government Code Sections 66500-66536.2.

What is MTC?

Learn about the agency’s organization, history and Equity Platform.

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Contact MTC

Contact MTC with questions or comments. We want to hear from you!

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MTC is led by a 21-member Commission. They shape the policies that guide transportation and development in the Bay Area, and fund projects and programs to turn those policies into reality.

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MTC’s Committees have a powerful impact on the policies and programs that shape our region, because they influence the Commission’s agenda. The public is encouraged to participate in these meetings.

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MTC Authorities carry out projects to make the Bay Area better — like expanding the network of freeway Express Lanes, operating the Freeway Service Patrol and managing toll revenue to keep the seven state-owned bridges safe.

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Public Participation

Your active engagement is key as MTC plans, operates and funds Bay Area transportation and housing projects.

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Administrative Requirements

MTC creates certain documents for transparency and to comply with federal and state administrative requirements.

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