Active Transportation Working Group

MTC’s Active Transportation Working Group is working to get more people moving by foot, bike, skateboard, scooter, wheelchair and other forms of “active transportation” (also known as “micromobility”).

Peter Beeler

When people walk, bike, scoot and skate — using what’s known as active transportation, or micromobility — they can travel short distances without relying on cars.

A diverse group of professionals at MTC are all working together to increase active transportation and micromobility throughout the region.

The Active Transportation Working Group brings together:

  • Staff from MTC and other public agencies
  • Public health professionals
  • Transportation advocates
  • Consulting firms
  • Mobility companies

Together, this cross-sectional group is working on active transportation and micromobility.


The Active Transportation Working Group typically meets the third Thursday every other month. Its activities include:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Planning, maintenance and funding
  • Marketing and outreach

Staff Contact

For assistance, including information on upcoming meetings and joining the email listserv, please contact:

Elizabeth Bugarin, Regional Planning Program Section Administrator
Phone: (415) 778-6745

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