Regional Network Management Committee

The Regional Network Management Committee – formerly the Operations Committee – oversees the Regional Network Management framework and many of the programs MTC runs for the public, including MTC’s traveler services like 511 and Clipper®, as well as highways and major roads.

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The Regional Network Management (RNM) Committee helps set the vision for transit in the Bay Area and drive the direction of the RNM. It oversees the following focus areas for operational changes, as identified in the Transit Transformation Action Plan, that will directly benefit new and existing transit riders, and help to achieve the Regional Network Management vision of:

  • Fare integration
  • Improved mapping and wayfinding
  • Transit priority and network coordination​
  • Accessibility and access for all

The Regional Network Management Framework, adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in February 2023, was established based on recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force and the Network Management Business Case Advisory Group.

Additionally, the Regional Network Management Committee oversees the following transportation management and operations programs that MTC previously managed through the Operations Committee:

This committee meets the second Friday of each month at noon or immediately following the meeting of the Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee, whichever comes later.

Staff Contact

For assistance, including information on upcoming meetings and joining the email list, please contact:

Martha Silver, Executive Office
Phone: 415-778-6693
Email: msilver@bayareametro.gov

Related Meeting Bodies

The Transit Regional Network Management Council brings together leadership from MTC and transit agencies to provide guidance on regional transit policies and actions to be taken as implementation plans develop.

The Regional Network Management Customer Advisory Group brings a rider-centered focus to regional transit policy and implementation.

RNM Committee Members
  • David Rabbitt, Chair
  • Sue Noack, Vice Chair
  • Eddie Ahn
  • David Canepa
  • Carol Dutra-Vernaci
  • Matt Mahan
  • Stephanie Moulton-Peters
  • James P. Spering
  • Non-voting member: Dorene M. Giacopini
  • Non-voting member: Chad Edison, CalSTA
  • Non-voting member: Diane Shaw, AC Transit
  • Non-voting member: Janice Li, BART

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