Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force

MTC’s Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force is working to guide the future of the Bay Area’s public transportation network as the region adjusts to new conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Following its April 2020 action to approve federal emergency funds for public transit, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission released on May 7, 2020 a framework for creation of a 32-member Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force.

The Task Force is assisting MTC in understanding the scale of the crisis facing all Bay Area transit systems because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has helped guide MTC's regional response through expedited distribution of federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act Phase 2 funds. The first distribution of $780 million in CARES Act funding was approved by MTC in April 2020.

Additionally, the Task Force will submit a Bay Area Public Transit Transformation Action Plan to the Commission by mid-2021 for its consideration and possible adoption. The Plan should describe the actions needed to re-shape the region’s transit system into a more connected, more efficient, and more user-focused mobility network across the entire Bay Area and beyond.

Task Force Goals & Objectives

The Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force adopted goals and objectives to guide the development of a Transformation Action Plan. They are:

  • Recognize critical recovery challenges facing transit agencies
  • Advance equity
  • Identify near-term actions to implement beneficial long-term network Management & Governance reforms
  • Establish how current MTC and state transit initiatives should integrate with Network Management & Governance reforms

Read the full description of the Task Force’s goals and objectives, adopted in November 2020.

Task Force Members

The Task Force is chaired by MTC Commissioner and Solano County Supervisor Jim Spering.

It includes:

  • Local elected officials
  • Advocates for people with disabilities
  • Representatives from the state Senate and Assembly
  • California State Transportation Agency
  • Transit operators
  • Business and labor groups
  • Transit and social justice advocates


Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan

The Bay Area's public transit agencies joined forces in the summer of 2020 to initiate research, study U.S. and international efforts, and review information from the American Public Transportation Association to develop common commitments and expectations for employees and passengers. From this work, the agencies developed the Riding Together—Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan

Goals & Equity Principles

The Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force adopted goals and objectives in November 2020 and equity principles in January of 2021 to guide the development of a Transformation Action Plan.

In March of 2021, the Task Force adopted a problem statement to identify issues or problems that transit network management reforms might help to resolve.