Planning Committee

The Planning Committee oversees MTC’s planning studies and programs, and recommends revisions to Plan Bay Area – the region’s long-term transportation plan.

Noah Berger

This nine-member committee:

  • Oversees MTC’s planning studies and programs
  • Recommends revisions to Plan Bay Area

MTC is required by law to update Plan Bay Area every four years.

This nine-member committee meets the second Friday of each month at 9:30 a.m.

Plan Bay Area 2050

How do we build a better economy, a cleaner environment, housing for all and safe transportation in the Bay Area? It's called Plan Bay Area.

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Staff Contact

For assistance, including information on upcoming meetings and joining the email list, please contact:

Martha Silver, Executive Office
Phone: (415) 778-6693

  • James P. Spering, Chair
  • Eddie Ahn, Vice Chair
  • David Canepa
  • Carol Dutra‐Vernaci
  • Matt Mahan
  • Stephanie Moulton-Peters
  • Sue Noack

  • David Rabbitt

  • Non-voting member: Dorene M. Giacopini

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