State Advocacy

MTC takes the Bay Area’s interests to Sacramento to advocate for state funding for a range of regional priorities and projects.

State legislators work on a variety of policies that affect funding for the Bay Area, and it’s important that the region’s interests are represented.

MTC ensures that the region has a place at the table by helping inform and shape new legislative proposals in Sacramento.

Fiscal Year 2022-2023

According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, California will have a $31 billion surplus in the General Fund in the next fiscal year, Fiscal Year 2022-23. To take advantage of this opportunity, MTC has coordinated with the Bay Area’s transportation agencies on a bold budget request for:

  • $10 billion for transportation, including $5 billion for public transit;
  • $2 billion for active transportation; and
  • $1 billion for transportation infrastructure-related climate resilience

Housing Advocacy

MTC advocates for — and helps craft bills — that will bring critical funding the Bay Area can use to help solve the housing crisis.

Transportation Advocacy

State policies play a significant role in funding Bay Area transportation programs. MTC advocates for policies that support current and future transportation needs.

Working Together on the Federal, State & Regional Levels

Federal Advocacy

MTC's advocacy work in Washington traditionally focuses on the overall federal transportation program, and on support for capital investment in Bay Area transportation priorities.

Regional Leadership

MTC collaborates with cities, counties, transit agencies and other partners to compete together for federal and state funding.

Legislation Committee

MTC’s state and federal advocacy efforts are guided by the Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee.

Committee meetings cover the latest developments in Sacramento and Washington, as well as recommendations by MTC staff to support or oppose particular bills.

Legislative Partnership

The Partnership Legislative Committee provides a forum to consult on key policy matters with legislative staff from the Bay Area’s cities and counties, public transit agencies and county transportation agencies.

Staff Contact

To be added to the email list for this committee, contact Rebecca Long, Acting Director, Legislation & Public Affairs, at

2021-2022 Legislative History

2021-2022 Legislative History is a detailed list of bills the ABAG and MTC are tracking in Sacramento, including those ABAG or MTC supports or opposes.