Driving: Congestion & Environment

MTC is planning solutions to ease roadway congestion and fight greenhouse gas emissions from cars.

Noah Berger

MTC is using several different tactics to fight vehicular traffic and the pollution that comes from it.

Congestion Management Process

MTC develops programs and plans that can reduce traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion
MTC Express Lanes

MTC Express Lanes are designated highway lanes that offer drivers a choice to save time by paying a toll, while rewarding carpoolers with the same time savings at a lower cost.

Express lane signage
SB 743

To fight greenhouse gas emissions, Senate Bill 743 is working to reduce the amount of driving.

Heavy traffic congestion
Smart Parking

The availability and cost of parking influence how millions of residents and workers decide to get around the Bay Area, including how much they drive.

smart parking box paying by phone
Spare the Air

A program to reduce driving on days when seasonal weather affects the air quality.

Cloudy skies over Mount Diablo.
Spare the Air Youth

Spare the Air Youth educates and inspires Bay Area youth and their families to walk, bicycle, carpool and take transit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Spare the Air Youth Event, Berkeley, October 2012