Public Participation Plan

MTC wants people in the Bay Area to be involved in the regional public transportation planning process.

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MTC aims to give the public opportunities for early and continuing participation in important transportation projects, plans and decisions, and to provide full public access to key decisions.

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The adopted Public Participation Plan describes MTC’s responsibilities, goals and strategies for engaging the public in its planning work and funding allocations.

MTC Public Participation Plan
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El Plan para la Participación del Público describe las responsabilidades, metas y estrategias de la MTC para foment

2018 Plan de Participación Pública



MTC’s Commitment to Public Engagement

Five guiding principles for public involvement:

  • Public participation is a dynamic activity that requires teamwork and commitment at all levels of the MTC organization.
  • One size does not fit all — input from diverse perspectives enhances the process.
  • Effective public outreach and involvement requires relationship building with local governments, stakeholders and advisory groups.
  • Engaging interested persons in ‘regional’ transportation issues is challenging, yet possible, by making it relevant, removing barriers to participation, and communicating in clear, compelling language and visuals.
  • An open and transparent public participation process empowers low-income communities and communities of color to participate in decision making that affects them.

Planning & Decision Milestones

Appendix A of the Public Participation Plan sets out milestones for the region’s long-range transportation and land use plan, Plan Bay Area 2050.

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What You Told Us

Here are some of your ideas that were added to the 2018 Public Participation Plan:

  • Go Digital: Use digital engagement and online methods to get input from the public. This was, by far, the comment we heard most
  • Be Creative: Use creative outreach techniques and promotion methods to increase public participation
  • Go “Where the People Are:” Attend community meetings and events to reach more Bay Area residents
  • Be Transparent: Improve communication by sharing outcomes of outreach efforts

Do you have other ideas? Send us an email: