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Public Participation Plan

I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves — Thomas Jefferson 

If you want to dive into MTC's key policy and investment work and help shape our agency's decisions, the Public Participation Planupdated every four yearsprovides important information on how you can get involved.

This plan is required by state and federal law, and is intended to promote an open and transparent process.

The bottom line is that the public has an important role to play in MTC's work. We know it's your tax and toll money that we invest and prioritize for the public benefit.

We have five guiding principles for public involvement:

  • Public participation is a dynamic activity that requires teamwork and commitment at all levels of the MTC organization
  • One size does not fit all — input from diverse perspectives enhances the process
  • Effective public outreach and involvement requires relationship building — with Bay Area residents, local governments, advisory groups and special interest organizations
  • Engaging interested persons in ‘regional’ transportation issues is challenging, yet possible, by making it relevant, removing barriers to participation, and saying it simply
  • An open and transparent public participation process empowers low-income communities and communities of color to participate in decision making that affects them

Get more facts and details when you download our current Public Participation Plan.

Here's what you told us to do during a 2015 review of our public outreach activities:

Simplify - Communicate in plain and simple language. Avoid business jargon and don't use acronyms.

Link comments and outcomes - Show how our public comments have helped shape MTC’s plans and projects, or explain why not.

Localize messages - Communicate regional issues using local examples. Seek partnerships with our cities and counties for help in getting the word out.

Involve underserved communities - Residents in low-income communities and communities of color need a voice in MTC’s key planning and funding decisions; work with community-based organizations to involve these residents.

We are working to implement these suggestions. Do you have other ideas? Send us an email at

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