Megaregion Working Group

The Megaregion Working Group is a forum in which the Bay Area, the Sacramento metro area, and San Joaquin County and its cities join forces to tackle shared transportation challenges and achieve shared goals.

The Megaregion Working Group is made up of representatives from MTC, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) and the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG). With the three agencies pulling together, the working group aims to get ahead in the race for discretionary state and federal dollars. The group is also responsible for the maintenance of long-range Regional Transportation Plans and Sustainable Communities Strategies.

The Megaregion Dozen

The group has identified 12 key transportation projects to improve the movement of people and goods across regional boundaries, and keep the engines of Northern California's economic prosperity humming.

Policy Priorities

The working group will:

  • Support California’s climate goals
  • Promote improvements to passenger and freight rail systems
  • Work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled
  • Improve walking, biking and other modes of transportation
  • Align transportation investments with housing and economic development


The Megaregion Working Group typically meets quarterly on Fridays at 12:30 p.m.

Staff Contact

For assistance, including information on upcoming meetings and joining the email list, please contact:

Brittny Sutherland
Email: bsutherland@bayareametro.gov

Northern California Megaregion Goods Movement Study

In 2019, MTC studied the goods movement system to improve delivery of consumer products, food and parcels across the Northern California megaregion.

Learn about the study.

Members for the 2024 Calendar Year

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

  • Carol Dutra-Vernaci, Representing the Cities of Alameda County
  • Federal D. Glover, Representing Contra Costa County
  • Nate Miley, Representing Alameda County
  • James P. Spering, Representing Solano County and Cities

Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)

  • Bonnie Gore, Working Group Chair, Supervisor, Placer County
  • Mike Kozlowski, Councilmember, City of Folsom
  • Paul Joiner, Mayor, City of Lincoln
  • Gary Bradford, Supervisor, Yuba County

San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG)

  • Robert Rickman, Supervisor, San Joaquin County
  • Gary Singh, Mayor, City of Manteca
  • Nancy Young, Mayor, City of Tracy
  • Leo Zuber, Vice Mayor, City of Ripon
Investment Strategies

The Megaregion Working Group has identified four investment strategies to help shape transportation investments across the megaregion.

  1. Inter-regional functionality: Including freight projects and inter-regional passenger rail projects.
  2. Improved policy alignment: Making sure that city and county policies work together, especially on projects that cross geographic boundaries.
  3. Persuasive leverage: Demonstrating that Bay Area cities and counties are ready to act quickly, and are ready to invest local dollars to match state and federal investments.
  4. Strategic investment applications: The factors above will identify specific projects that will have mutual benefits in two or more member regions.
Megaregion Dozen Project List

The working group has identified a shortlist of 12 priority projects that are critical to maintaining the economic prosperity of Northern California:

  • Valley Link Passenger Rail Buildout
  • Interstate-80 and U.S. 50 Yolo Express Lanes
  • ACE: Valley Rail Extension to Sacramento
  • Interstate-5 Sacramento Express Lanes
  • Interstate-80 Westbound Truck Scales Replacement
  • San Joaquin Passenger Rail Improvements
  • Capitol Corridor: South Bay Connect
  • Capitol Corridor: Sacramento-Roseville Third Track
  • Interstate 205 Express Lanes
  • Highways 99/120 Interchange Reconfiguration
  • Central Valley Gateway
  • Port of Oakland Portwide Electrification

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