Streets, Roads & Arterials

MTC supports programs that help Bay Area cities and counties make their streets and roads safer and more efficient.

Karl Nielsen

City and county streets are the local foundations of the Bay Area's vehicular transportation system. MTC works with cities and counties so that the region’s streets and roads work to reduce congestion and ease movement throughout the region.

Arterial Operations

By helping cities and transit operators manage the timing of traffic signals on arterials, MTC helps improve travel times, reduce exhaust emissions and enhance traffic safety.

 A car approaching the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Innovative Deployments to Enhance Arterials (IDEA)

MTC’s technical assistance grant program helps cities and jurisdictions improve the operation of major arterial roadways to make them ready for connected and automated vehicle technologies.

Signs for Green Wave signal timing on Valencia Street in San Francisco.
Program for Arterial System Synchronization (PASS)

With technical assistance to cities and signal owners for traffic signal timing, MTC’s PASS helped make the Bay Area’s major city streets and county roads safer and more efficient.

Asynchronous traffic lights causing heavy traffic.
Pavement Condition Index

MTC helps Bay Area cities and counties assess and analyze their pavement conditions to help them decide how to invest dollars for road maintenance. 

Image shows failed pavement, marked by potholes and alligator cracking
Technology Transfer Program

MTC offers periodic free, half-day seminars for traffic engineers, planners, students, and others on topics selected at Arterial Operations Committee meetings.

Aerial view of a San Francisco intersection, with bicycles and cars.
Local Streets & Roads Working Group

The Local Streets & Roads Working Group provides a forum for cities to advocate for pavement maintenance funding.