Map 9 — San Leandro to Alameda

Bay Trail map 9

San Leandro Marina

Moving north from Hayward, the shoreline becomes increasingly sinuous, urbanized and wonderfully complex. The northern reaches of Hayward Regional Shoreline include extensive pickleweed marshes, seasonal wetlands and acres of mudflats teeming with wading birds. 

The shoreline transitions to an urban environment when you enter San Leandro’s Marina Park. Here you will find marinas, waterfront restaurants, picnic areas, a landscaped lawn, children’s playgrounds and a 1-mile loop trail jutting out into the bay.

Oyster Bay

Less than a mile north of Marina Park is Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline. Access the perimeter trail from Neptune Drive and be sure to climb the hill – there’s no better spot than atop this park’s summit to watch planes approaching Oakland Airport from the south. 

Moving north, cross the Bill Lockyer Bay Trail Bridge over San Leandro Slough and meander around the golf course to reach the intersection of Hegenberger Road and Doolittle Drive. Using bike lanes and sidewalks, follow Doolittle Drive to Swan Way. Veer right to enter Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline.

Arrowhead Marsh

This shoreline park extends along the edge of San Leandro Bay and forms an oasis of green surrounded by urban development. 

From above, the 50-acre Arrowhead Marsh resembles an arrowhead aimed at the heart of San Leandro Bay. Pickleweed and salt grass grow thick here, and a short boardwalk extends over the marsh. From here, choose your path less-traveled: Bay Farm Island or Tidewater Boating Center.

Tidewater Boating Center

A paved shoreline trail winds along the eastern edge of San Leandro Bay, past artwork at 66th Avenue, and continues several miles to the Tidewater Boating Center. Programs in competitive rowing, sea kayaking, canoeing and boating safety are available along with boat rentals.

Bay Farm Island & Alameda

Bay Farm Island features a 6-mile circular tour of this Alameda neighborhood, passing through Shoreline Park along the northern edge of the island. 

At the Harbor Bay Isle Ferry Terminal you can catch a San Francisco Bay Ferry to San Francisco. Or, circle around Bay Farm Island and cross the Bay Farm Island Bridge, complete with a separate bicycle/pedestrian drawbridge to the island of Alameda. 

Follow cycle tracks and then bike lanes along Fernside into the heart of the city or head towards Shoreline Drive to enjoy the Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary, a shelter for ducks, egrets, gulls and wading birds with observation from an elevated platform.


U.S.S. Hornet Museum, Alameda

Climb aboard the U.S.S. Hornet aircraft carrier, which successfully retrieved returning Apollo astronauts after the first moon landing. The U.S.S. Hornet Museum honors and explores the ship’s legacy and its role in naval aviation, the NASA Apollo moon missions, and several retired aircraft from World War II.