Map 25 — Strawberry Drive to Golden Gate Bridge

Bay Trail map 25

Mill Valley

To find a hidden gem of shoreline spur trail at Strawberry Point, take Harbor Point Drive off of Strawberry Drive through an apartment complex. Strawberry Drive turns into Seminary Drive where bike lanes and a dirt sidepath await.

Seminary Drive ends at Redwood Highway and yet another gap in the Bay Trail for bikes. For pedestrians, a natural surface path parallels Seminary and Redwood — bikes should remain on the (busy) street.

Once on the west side of the freeway, an older narrow asphalt path can be found along the shoreline. Continue towards Bayfront Park on Hamilton Drive. Pedestrians can make a shoreline loop detour by taking Shelter Bay Avenue.

 Tamalpais Junction

Access to Bayfront Park and the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path — another fine example of a rail-to-trail conversion — begins across from the police station. This trail along Bothin Marsh offers a great bird-and-people watching experience. The Lycra-clad roadriding set whizzes by while parents teach kids to balance on their bikes; and herons, sandpipers and egrets troll the mudflats for tasty treats.


As the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path approaches the U.S. 101 freeway, it intersects with the Tennessee Valley Path, an important connector trail heading west to the Pacific Ocean, Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Bay Area Ridge Trail. The Mill Valley-Sausalito Path ends as you enter Sausalito, but bike lanes and sidewalks bring you into a thriving downtown*.

Heading south toward the Golden Gate Bridge via Bridgeway, South Street and Alexander Avenue, the bike lanes disappear for a stretch before you turn right on East Road (bike route #5) toward Fort Baker. An active military post from the 1850s to the 1990s, Fort Baker glistens with history.

At the heart of Fort Baker, East Road becomes Center Road. To reach the Golden Gate Bridge, follow Center Road and Moore Road to Conzelman Road, and then follow Conzelman Road under, around, and up to the west parking lot. Depending on the time of day and day of the week, bikes may need to be walked down the stairs and across to the east sidewalk.

*Side Trip: Take the ferry to San Francisco and ride the Bay Trail from Pier 41 up the San Francisco waterfront, across the Golden Gate Bridge and back into Sausalito. To access Fort Baker from the east sidewalk, use the stairs from the Vista Point parking lot and cross under the span.