Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

The Bay Area’s transportation system is huge. It consists of a complex infrastructure of roads, bridges, highways, rail, tunnels, airports and bike and pedestrian paths.

During times of emergency, how does MTC help keep the Bay Area safe and moving?

Matthew Hamilton/Unsplash

How would a disaster or emergency affect the nearly eight million Bay Area residents who rely on critical transportation infrastructure?

For over 25 years, MTC has led regional transportation emergency-preparedness activities in the Bay Area. Working with transportation agencies across the region, MTC:

  • Develops and manage emergency plans 
  • Facilitates annual exercises with partners 
  • Coordinates services following a major disruption

Regional Transportation Emergency Management Plan (RTEMP)

RTEMP helps Bay Area public transportation agencies recover operations and deliver basic transportation services after a significant regional disaster.

Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan 

MTC and its partners are developing a hazard mitigation plan to minimize the impact of natural disasters and the loss of life and property in the Bay Area.

Transportation Response Planning Committee

The Transportation Response Planning Committee plans for local and regional disasters that could affect the Bay Area’s transportation infrastructure.

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