A lot goes into the hundreds of miles that make up the Bay Trail. You have questions; we have answers.

Noah Berger

When will the Bay Trail be done?

Since 1989 we’ve been hard at work collaborating and building the trail with the cities and counties that surround the bay. We are proud to say that it is more than 70% complete, with more than 350 miles of trails for you to enjoy.

Get the history of the trail, how it began, what laws were passed, when the committee meets and more.

While we work with a wide variety of public and private partners across the bay to connect the trail’s ultimate 500 miles, please use our Bay Trail maps along with Google Maps for a bit of extra planning to guide you through the gaps.

Can I bring my dog?

There are many areas where your dog is welcome. Since there are places on the trail that are for people and wildlife only, we’ve highlighted the spots that are great for these important family members.

Check here before you bring Fido.

When is the trail open?

The ultimate goal is to have a trail that is open 24/7. But the trail winds through property owned and managed by a wide variety of public and private organizations and some of our Bay Trail partners post specific hours.

Is fishing or hunting allowed on or near the Bay Trail?

Some areas near the Bay Trail do allow fishing or hunting. Please check with the following government website for more information.

Which bridges can I cross by bike (or by foot)?

Did you know that there is no toll charge for riding your bicycle or walking on six of the Bay Area bridges?

Find out all you need to know at 511.org for biking the bridges.

Learn more about the bike/pedestrian facilities on these state-owned bridges (the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge does not have a path):

At this time, only the East Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is accessible to you. Plans are in the works to extend the path to the Bay Bridge West Span.

Learn more about the Bay Trail on the bridges.

How can I support the Bay Trail?

The Bay Trail Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your financial contribution will support outreach and education, and contribute to the creation of a spectacular shoreline resource to be enjoyed for generations.

Download the donation form.