Transportation Revenue Measure Select Committee

Building Regional Consensus for State Legislation

The Transportation Revenue Measure Select Committee (Select Committee) was created to help Bay Area leaders and stakeholders reach consensus on a potential 2026 transportation revenue ballot measure.

Noah Berger

The Select Committee was established in June 2024 to gather together key parties to help refine the details for a potential transportation revenue measure. Members of the Select Committee are tasked with building regional consensus for state legislation that would authorize Bay Area voters as early as 2026 to consider a measure to preserve and enhance public transit in the region.  

Recent public opinion polling has indicated that Bay Area voters support an effective and improved public transit system, no matter how they travel. Transit matters to all of us, regardless of where we live and work.


This limited-duration committee will meet monthly on the fourth Monday between June and October of 2024.

Meeting Topic Date
Confronting the Challenge June 24
Understanding the Math & Polls July 29
Constructing the Path(s) Forward August 26 (tentative)
Confronting the Tradeoffs September 23 (tentative)
Approve Framework for Transportation Measure October 21 (tentative)

Staff Contacts

Brittny Sutherland, Executive Office

General Comments and Feedback About a Future Bay Area Transportation Revenue Measure


Select Committee members include MTC Commissioners, stakeholders organizations and staff from the offices of State Senators Wiener and Wahab, authors of the original Connect Bay Area measure.

MTC Commissioners

  • Jim Spering, Select Committee Chair; Representing Solano County 
  • David Canepa, Representing San Mateo County 
  • Cindy Chavez, Representing Santa Clara County 
  • Nick Josefowitz, MTC Vice Chair; Representing City and County of San Francisco
  • Matt Mahan, Mayor, City of San Jose; Representing Santa Clara County
  • Nate Miley, Representing Alameda County
  • Sue Noack, Representing Contra Costa County 
  • Stephanie Moulton-Peters, Representing Marin County 
  • Alfredo Pedroza, MTC Chair; Representing Napa County*
  • David Rabbitt, Representing Sonoma County

Interested Organizations

  • Alicia John-Baptiste, SPUR
  • Manny Leon, CA Alliance for Jobs 
  • Adina Levin, Seamless Bay Area 
  • James Lindsay, Amalgamated Transit Union 
  • John Arantes, SEIU 
  • Ellen Wu,  Voices for Public Transportation
  • Jim Wunderman, Bay Area Council 

Legislative Representatives

  • Raayan Mohtashemi, Office of Senator Wiener, Senate District 11*
  • Alicia Lawrence, Office of Senator Wahab, Senate District 10*


Additional Invitees

Note: Legislative staff from the following offices have also been invited to attend meetings and will be sent all committee materials: 

  • Senate President Pro Tem Mike McGuire
  • Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas
  • Senate Transportation Committee Chair Dave Cortese
  • Assembly Appropriations Committee Chair Buffy Wicks
  • Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Lori Wilson
Transportation Revenue Measure Executive Group

The Transportation Revenue Measure Executive Group is made up of representatives from Bay Area transit agencies and county transportation agencies.

  • Andrew Fremier, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Anne Richman, Transportation Authority of Marin
  • April Chan SamTrans
  • Bill Churchill, County Connection
  • Bob Powers, BART
  • Carolyn Gonot, Valley Transportation Authority
  • Christy Wegener, Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority
  • Daryl Halls, Solano Transportation Authority
  • Denis Mulligan, Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
  • Eddy Cumins, Sonoma - Marin Area Rail Transit
  • James Cameron, Sonoma County Transportation Authority
  • Jeffery Tumlin, San Francisco Municpal Transportation Agency
  • Kate Miller, Napa Valley Transportation Authority
  • Michael Hursh, Alameda-Contra Costa County Transit District
  • Michelle Bouchard, CalTrain
  • Nancy Whelan, Marin Transit
  • Seamus Murphy, San Francisco Bay Ferry
  • Sean Charpentier, City/County Association of Governemnts of San Mateo County
  • Tess Lengyel, Alameda County Transportation Commission
  • Tilly Chang, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
  • Tim Haile, Contra Costa County Transportation Authority

Prior work by the Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force identified 27 actions to be taken by MTC and other agencies to guide the future of the Bay Area’s public transportation network. These bold recommendations were a collective vision of priorities, based on customer needs.

The work of the Blue Ribbon Transit Recovery Task Force guides the Select Committee as they make recommendations for a ballot measure that will improve the transit customer experience and create a Bay Area transportation system that works for everyone.

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