Data Tools

MTC makes data sets and tools available to partners, researchers, residents and anyone who is interested in learning more about what is happening in the Bay Area.

Image: Esri, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, i-cubed, USDA, USGS, AEX, Getmapping, Aerogrid, IGN, IGP, swisstopo, and the GIS user community

MTC and partners use data to make decisions about investments in the Bay Area’s future. Explore MTC’s data for your own research, app development and more.

Related Resources

Fund Management System

Explore detailed transportation project funding data.


Mapmakers transform MTC’s data into compelling illustrations of regional trends in travel, population, land use, the economy and more.

MTC/ABAG Library

Contact the MTC/ABAG librarians for help with research on transportation planning, demographics, economic trends or public policy issues.

Regional Transportation Studies

MTC studies how people travel throughout the Bay Area in order to plan for new and better ways to move around the region.

Vital Signs

MTC’s interactive website that tracks data and trends in the Bay Area, to help us plan for the future.