Bicycle & Pedestrian Funds (TDA 3)

Transportation Development Act Article 3 (TDA 3) provides funding annually for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

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MTC allows counties to use 2% of Transit Development Act (TDA) funds collected for TDA 3 projects in their county. Some counties competitively select projects, while other counties distribute the funds to jurisdictions based on population.


MTC Resolution 4108 sets forth MTC's policies and procedures for TDA 3 funds. All projects must be reviewed by the City or County Bicycle Advisory Committee. For more information, review the Guidance on Project Review by Countywide Bicycle Advisory Committee in the Related Documents section of this page.

Allocations & Reimbursements

Each county coordinates a consolidated annual request for projects to be funded in the county. See the Related Documents section of this page for the TDA Article 3 application.

MTC reviews applications and allocated funds to eligible projects. Project sponsors request reimbursement. MTC Resolution 4108 explains how to seek reimbursement.

Staff Contact


Submitting Financial Audits to MTC

A financial audit is required of projects in fiscal years when funds are disbursed. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Submitting Audits Electronically

Please submit materials electronically to

Submitting Audits by Mail

Alternately, you may submit materials by mail to:

Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Attn: TDA Audit
Bay Area Metro Center
375 Beale Street, Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94105