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MTC Seeks Feedback on Performance Targets Related to Federal Congestion Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Goals
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Friday, March 30, 2018

MTC is currently seeking feedback from partners, stakeholders and the public on potential target options for three performance targets related to federal Congestion Reduction and Environmental Sustainability goals.

OBAG 2 County Program to Provide $386 Million for 180 Projects Across the Region
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Approximately $386 million in federal funds are set to go to 180 transportation projects in 95 jurisdictions across all nine Bay Area Counties through the One Bay Area Grant 2 (OBAG 2) County Program.


MTC Resolution 3925
RES-3925_approved_0.pdf (854.33 KB)
MTC Resolution 3925 (Revised Dec. 2019)
STP-CMAQ Cycle 1 MTC Resolution 3925 Revised Dec 2019.pdf (1.93 MB)
MTC Resolution 4202 Revised Feb 2020
OBAG 2 RES-4202_Feb 2020.pdf (4.19 MB)
FY 2014-15 Annual Listing of CMAQ Emission Benefits
MTC_2014-15_CMAQ_Annual_Report.pdf (124.26 KB)