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BART-Scoop Partnership Expands to Peninsula Stations

Starting September 12, commuters can get guaranteed parking until 10 a.m. at the Millbrae and San Bruno BART stations when they carpool to the station with Scoop, a rideshare matching app. This project was made possible through a $358,000 Mobility On-Demand Sandbox grant received from the Federal Transit Administration in October 2016, and stems from a partnership between MTC, BART and Scoop Technologies to reduce traffic and maximize the efficiency of BART’s parking lots through carpooling.

BART will set aside parking spaces in the permit area at the Millbrae and San Bruno BART stations for carpoolers using Scoop.  Scoop will coordinate with BART to help verify carpoolers and work with BART Police to ensure smooth operations every morning. MTC's 511 Carpool Program promotes the Scoop partnership and works with carpoolers to ensure the program is rewarding legitimate carpools. Caltrain users will be able to take advantage of this program at the Millbrae station.

This builds on the pilot program at Dublin/Pleasanton BART where demand for parking is so high the lot typically fills up by 8 a.m.  With the introduction of guaranteed parking until 10 a.m, carpooling to the station has increased significantly since the program launched in January.  

MTC’s 511 Carpool program has long worked with BART to encourage carpooling to BART. “Carpooling is one of the best ways to decrease congestion, so MTC is committed to supporting policies, programs and projects that make it a more attractive commute choice,” says Barbara Laurenson, project manager for MTC’s 511 Carpool Program. "This project supports carpooling and provides a convenient, affordable solution to access transit. As an end of the line station, the average Scoop trip to the Dublin/Pleasanton station is about 18 miles, so the program not only helps the BART parking situation but improves overall congestion.”

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“Commuters love the program for a few reasons. First, it makes finding a carpool buddy much easier than in the past. Second, they’re able to go to work when they want because they have a guaranteed spot when they arrive,” said David Clavens, head of Marketing at Scoop.

BART, MTC and Scoop are currently developing the plan for expanding this service to additional BART stations throughout this year and next.

The Mobility on Demand Sandbox grant received from the Federal Transit Administration provided the funding necessary to expand the program to additional stations with parking. The grant includes enhancements to the app to make the trip to BART seamless for commuters. Scoop to BART commuters will be able to find a match, pay or receive money for the carpool, and pay for BART parking through the app. Enhancements will also synchronize travel times with BART schedules and allow drivers to indicate whether their vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

“This is a great partnership because it makes better use of BART’s existing parking resources,” said Bob Franklin, BART’s manager of Customer Access and Accessibility. 

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