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Senate Hearing Spotlights Transit Operations

Select Committee Hears Testimony from Bay Area Leaders
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Members of the California State Senate Select Committee on Bay Area Public Transit meet on November 27, 2023.

MTC Approves Emergency Transit Operations Funding Plan from Senate Bill 125

Funding distribution still is subject to state approval
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People on the sidewalk walking past a Muni bus in San Francisco.

Tomorrow is Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

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Ruby Bridges as a child on the school steps, being escorted by officials.

Avoid Travel Headaches: Check 511 During the APEC Conference

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A Muni bus on Market Street in San Francisco.

Webinar: Faster Freeways

Exploring the Potential of Pricing
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Heavy traffic congestion on Interstate 101.

Bay Area Regional Transit Passenger Snapshot Survey Underway

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Teens tagging Clipper to pay as they board a Muni bus.

All Aboard Transit Campaign Wins Caltrans Award for Excellence

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A young woman wearing a mask and earphones looks out the window while riding a bus.

511 Alert for Emergencies

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A cell phone with a text thread signing up for 511 alert.

Use the Dutch Reach When Opening Car Doors

It’s Easy and Prioritizes Safety
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A driver using the Dutch Reach technique to open his car door while prioritizing the safety of passing cyclists.

MTC, BAHFA Seek Federal Funding for Affordable Housing

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Housing construction site against a beautiful blue sky.

California Clean Air Day: October 4, 2023

Take the Pledge
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Cyclists waiting for a Muni bus to pass.

Ride-Along and Socialize with Bay Area Transit Leaders

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A woman riding transit on a crowded Muni train.

Worldwide Car-Free Day: September 22, 2023

Do Your Part to Spare the Air
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A Fairfield and Suisun Transit (FAST) bus powered by clean diesel technology.