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Expert Panel Completes Review of Transit Center’s Fractured Girders


MTC Executive Director Therese W. McMillan this week sent a new letter to San Francisco Mayor London Breed and to Oakland Mayor and MTC Commissioner Libby Schaaf reporting the completion of the work of the MTC-assembled expert Peer Review Panel (PRP) to review the cause of the fracturing of two girders at the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco and the repairs to these girders.

“In June 2019 . . . I noted that some aspects of the review would continue after the terminal’s reopening. . . . The Peer Review Panel has completed its reviews.”

“I would like to recognize the work of the Peer Review Panel, led by Chair Dr. Michael Engelhardt, in leading the peer review with the thoroughness and urgency it required.

“Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for your leadership through the challenges faced by the region during the closure of the Transbay Transit Center. Your call for a process that would provide public confidence and ensure the problem was isolated gave the Peer Review Panel the mandate it needed to ensure all the necessary material was gathered and reviewed.”


See Related Documents on this page for the Peer Review Panel’s close-out letters and Final Report. 


This post on Ms. McMillan’ letter to Mayors Breed and Schaff says: “See Related Documents on this page for the Peer Review Panel’s close-out letters and Final Report. ” Don’t find those documents on this page. Where can I find them?
— Chris Peeples

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