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Motivate Adds New Pedal-Assist Ebikes to Ford GoBike System in San Francisco

For a Limited Time, No Extra Cost for Ebike Rides; Single Trip Fare Lowered to $2

Today, Ford GoBike is giving riders a new way to power up hills and ride for longer distances by adding pedal-assist ebikes to the bike share network in San Francisco. The new ebikes, branded as Ford GoBike Plus, can be unlocked via a Clipper card or the Ford GoBike app and docked at any Ford GoBike station in San Francisco — making Ford GoBike the first bike share system in North America to incorporate ebikes alongside classic bikes at its stations — and for a limited time, the 30-minute single trip fare is just $2.

The bikes were unveiled at a press event today at Patricia's Green, an oasis in San Francisco's Hayes Valley. Motivate, the company that operates Ford GoBike, has placed 250 of the ebikes around the city, and they will be constantly redistributed as users take them from station to station. Officials and other attendees celebrated the introduction of the ebikes by taking them on a spin around the city. 

Motivate partnered with Silicon Valley-based GenZe, a leading developer of zero-emissions, two-wheel electric vehicles, to develop the custom ebikes making their debut in San Francisco. Each ebike features a 345 Wh Li-ion battery and an LCD display that allows riders to track their speed and battery charge level. With a maximum speed of 18mph, the ebikes can be ridden anywhere it is legal to operate a regular bicycle in San Francisco.

The bikes can be distinguished by their black color (as opposed to the blue color of the manual Ford GoBike bikes), and the "Plus" insignias on the front and rear wheel. 

“We are thrilled to introduce this innovative new mobility option into the Ford GoBike fleet,” said Jay Walder, CEO of Motivate. “Riders of all ages and fitness levels can now boost their natural pedal power to summit the notorious San Francisco hills and more fully enjoy the benefits of bike share. We’re proud to work with the city of San Francisco to continue improving the Ford GoBike system and expanding the city’s transportation options in an accessible and equitable way.”

“These electric bikes will benefit not just San Francisco residents, but everyone who comes to the city for any purpose,” said Jake Mackenzie, chair of MTC, which oversees the Ford GoBike program in the Bay Area. “Whether you’re going to work or to a museum, a restaurant, the theater or shopping, now you’ll have a new fun and flexible option for getting to your end destination.”

“Shared electric bikes can be the next step in San Francisco’s mobility future, creating a gateway to get even more people on two wheels,” said Ed Reiskin, director of transportation for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. “As a convenient and safe way to get around town, shared electric bikes will make our hilly neighborhoods more accessible and longer bike rides less daunting for everyone.”

"We're thrilled to add GenZe ebikes to the Ford GoBike Program,” said Vishwesh Palekar, GenZe CEO. “Now more people of all ages and fitness levels can bike as a reliable means of transport, and ride further, for longer, sweat and hassle free."

To celebrate the addition of ebikes to the bike share network, Ford GoBike is reducing the price of its 30-minute single rides from $3 to $2. This limited-time-only promotion is the perfect opportunity to experience the ease and convenience of the new ebikes. Unlimited ebike usage is included with a Ford GoBike membership and there are no additional charges for casual riders using ebikes for single rides or the 24-hour access pass.

Riders can locate the Ford GoBike Plus bikes using the Ford GoBike app, rent them from any station where they are available using their Clipper card or smart phone, and park them at any station in San Francisco. Annual memberships are $149 a year and 24-hour access passes are available for $10. Bike Share for All members (low-income residents who become Ford GoBike annual members at the discounted rate of $5 for their initial year) will always be able to use ebikes at no extra cost, for rides of up to 60 minutes.

About Ford GoBike

Launched June 2017, the Ford GoBike system is an integral part of the Bay Area’s transportation network. With 287 stations and more than 3,600 bikes on the ground across San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville, the system has generated nearly a million rides in less than a year. When completed, the 7,000-bike, 546-station Ford GoBike network will be the second-largest bike share system in America, setting new national standards in density, convenience and equity.

About Motivate

Motivate is the largest bike share operator in North America, with systems in the densest urban centers including New York (Citi Bike), Chicago (Divvy), Boston (Hubway), Washington D.C (Capital Bikeshare) and the Bay Area (Ford GoBike). Motivate works alongside cities to provide efficient, equitable and safe transportation systems using a full range of bike share solutions and best-in-class operations. As a vertically integrated company, Motivate is leading the design and deployment of the next generation of bike share technology. The company is led by a group of urban visionaries, creative leaders and technology innovators, revolutionizing the landscape and sustainability of cities and urban transit. Learn more at

About the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

MTC is the transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. 

About GenZe

GenZe has a simple motto: “Two Wheels. One Planet. Zero Emissions.” GenZe is committed to providing easily-accessible personal transportation through e-Bikes and e-Scooters loaded with smart, connected technology and powered by sustainable, zero-emissions electric energy. GenZe manufactures and assembles in Ann Arbor, Michigan with corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. GenZe is a division of the globally-expanding $19 billion Mahindra Group, which focuses on enabling people to rise through new and better solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. The Mahindra Group is a worldwide leader in aerospace, automotive, utility vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, clean energy, and more. For more information on GenZe, visit

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