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MTC, Partners Launch Massive Bay Area Travel Survey Effort

Thousands of Invitations to be Mailed, Special Focus on SF and South Bay
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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) this fall is teaming with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA), the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and other partners to conduct a major survey designed to learn more about how people travel throughout the Bay Area. Beginning today, some 750,000 households throughout the nine-county region will receive invitations to participate in what is known as the Bay Area Travel Study.

The Bay Area Travel Study is designed to help MTC and other transportation agencies plan for a more efficient and more effective regional transportation network.

“Our goal is a Bay Area that is affordable, connected, diverse, healthy and economically vibrant for all of our residents and is also a great place for all our region’s visitors to enjoy,” observed MTC Chair and Napa County Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza. “Knowing more about how, when and why people go from place to place will help the Commission develop the right policies and make the smartest investments to achieve that goal.”

MTC expects to mail these invitations in four separate waves between now and December. Those who receive an invitation letter can expect to receive a follow-up postcard about a week later. A unique code will be provided to each household that accepts the invitation to participate, and each household will be assigned a date on which to start logging its travel activity in a survey diary. Respondents will be able to complete the study online, by phone, or through the rMoveTM smartphone app developed by RSG, a Vermont-based research firm hired by MTC as a consultant for the study.

MTC is the transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. More information about the Bay Area Travel Study may be found on the MTC website at