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Recap: Calling the Bay Area Home — Tackling the Affordable Housing and Displacement Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in "Calling the Bay Area Home: Tackling the Affordable Housing and Displacement Challenge," held on Saturday, February 20, 2016. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and MTC, which jointly sponsored the event, value your ideas. Materials and presentations from the housing forum, as well as a photo gallery of the event, can be found in the Related Documents box to the right.

The free half-day event allowed for a timely and important dialogue among a diverse array of stakeholders on the role that Bay Area local governments and regional agencies — as well as the state and federal governments — can play in addressing skyrocketing housing costs and the accompanying displacement of long-time residents. Held at the Oakland Marriott, the forum brought together Bay Area housing and transportation policymakers, city planners, community and business leaders, housing developers and advocates. More details about the event, along with a video record, will be posted shortly.

To read the original news story on this special housing forum, visit this page.


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