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Happy Birthday Bay Area Bike Share

Graphic courtesy of SFMTA

Graphic courtesy of SFMTA

Friday, August 1, 2014

August brings Bay Area Bike Share's first birthday, but you wouldn't know the system was so young. The mint-colored bikes are already ubiquitous on the streets of San Francisco, San Jose and three other South Bay cities -- and soon the fleet will expand to the East Bay. In just one year the service has attracted thousands of members. This multimedia collection traces 12 months of bike sharing in the Bay Area – through the stories of the devoted riders who use the system to get to work or to a ballgame, through selfies of helmet-clad members and through intricate visualizations of the system’s statistics. A time lapse filmed at San Francisco’s most popular station shows two rush hours’ worth of activity in under a minute. Check it out, then make your own Bike Share memories by signing up at www.bayareabikeshare.com. Happy riding!

Anatomy of a BABS Bike

Designed with urban streets in mind, a Bay Area Bike Share bicycle is not a delicate vehicle. At 42.5 durable pounds, the seven-speeder is expected to last 10 years. The bike's bulk also wards off theft, as do the proprietary parts that can't be transferred to bikes outside of the system. Built-in LED lights, baskets and bells add functionality (and style!). Watch the "Behind the Scenes" video above to find out how three guys are responsible for keeping these bikes rolling.

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