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MTC Prepares for Move to New San Francisco Headquarters

Rendering of Bay Area MetroCenter
Rendering of new Bay Area MetroCenter at 375 Beale St. in San Francisco
Monday, February 8, 2016

Major construction work on the Bay Area Metro Center is wrapping up, and preparations are under way for MTC to relocate its offices to the new regional government center at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco in 2016.

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) will join MTC in relocating its offices to the Bay Area Metro Center from the Oakland building the two agencies have shared with BART since 1984. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District likewise willl relocate its offices to the Bay Area Metro Center from its current headquarters at 939 Ellis Street in San Francisco. 


You've probably passed by a scaffolding on a construction site many times in your lifetime....and never noticed the man-made magic at work. Scaffalding was used on all four sides of MTC's new headquarters buidling to make painting the building possible. MTC videographer Mark Jones watched over three days as one side the scaffolding came down...and discoverd the magic in some time lapse photography.

As I protested when this was first being considered, this move will make my trip much more difficult. Transit is not so close. It means I will be walking about 10 mins from the Bart station. I can manage it now, but wonder as I get older. My husband wouldn't be able to do it today.
As an East Bay resident, I will miss using the library and the personal convenience of 8th Street for both transit and driving. Please do share pre- and post data on net energy impacts, and travel times for staff and board members, as well as public participation levels. That could sweeten the move for me. Thanks and good luck with the move.
Hi Betsy, you will be able to make an appointment to visit the MTC Library once we move to our new building in SF. Stay tuned to our website for details, to be posted in late May or early June.
Why was Caltrans not invited to this party? It seems that Bay Area project development and planning would benefit if at least Caltrans Planning units were physically near MTC, ABAG, and other agencies that set protocol for our mobility planning decisions. Caltrans is a vital piece, not only of the regional planning puzzle, but how the region's decisions fit into Statewide transportation plans, and GHG-reduction targets. Since the planning unit has little to do with, say, construction, or maintenance, and a lot to do with MTC, BAAQMD and ABAG policy, Caltrans should be afforded the opportunity to work more closely with these agencies.

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