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Express Lane Survey: What’s Your Sign?

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) needs your help. Please take a 10-minute survey that tests your understanding of different express lane signs. FHWA will use the information to provide better signs and guidance to drivers using express lanes across the country.

The FHWA's survey will be available through March 27, 2015, at:

Freeway express lanes are designated for carpools, vanpools, buses and other eligible vehicles — which can use the lane for free or at a discount — and for solo drivers who are willing to pay a toll to bypass traffic. Tolls are collected electronically by toll tag (like FasTrak®) or by license plate. The toll to use the express lane changes based on traffic conditions to manage the number of solo drivers who use the lane and to consistently provide a more reliable trip compared to the regular lanes. Some express lanes only allow drivers to get in and out at very specific locations while others allow more open access along long stretches of freeway. Express lanes are popular because they offer a new choice to highway drivers, make use of surplus carpool lane capacity, support carpools/vanpools and provide reliable travel times.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, there are already express lanes on Interstate 680 southbound from Sunol to San Jose and on State Rouite 237 between Milpitas and San Jose. More lanes are planned and under construction. To learn about express lanes in the Bay Area, go to:

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