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Tuesday MetroTalks: Advancing Community Resilience through Equitable Public Engagement

At a time when Bay Area residents continue to shelter-in-place, how can we adapt to the current limitations, and how might we emerge with more inclusive strategies for equitable community engagement during this portal into the digital-first age?

Join us for a vital 60-minute session, split between a panel discussion and live Q&A with audience members, from Noon to 1 p.m., Tuesday, July 28. Watch on YouTube or Facebook. Click here to register for the upcoming MetroTalks in advance.

The interactive conversation features three panelists with deep expertise on what authentic public participation can look like in the Bay Area:

  • Melissa Jones: Executive Director of the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative
  • Julio Garcia: Senior Program Director at Nuestra Casa
  • Mariana Moore: Director of the Ensuring Opportunity Campaign
  • Therese McMillan: Executive Director, MTC-ABAG (moderator)

We look forward to seeing and engaging with you.

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