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Bay Area Infrastructure Financing Authority Network and Operations Committee

Friday, November 3, 2023 - 9:35 a.m.
Board Room - 1st Floor

Bay Area Metro Center
375 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Agenda Items


Carol Dutra-Vernaci (Chair), Stephanie Moulton-Peters (Vice Chair), David Canepa,
Dina El-Tawansy*, Sue Noack, David Rabbitt, and James P. Spering
*Non-Voting Member

Agenda item1.

Call to Order / Roll Call / Confirm Quorum

Agenda item2.

Pledge of Allegiance / Acknowledgement of the Flag

Agenda item3.

Compensation Announcement – Clerk of the Committee

Agenda item4.

Consent Calendar

Agenda item4a.

Approval of the Minutes of the October 13, 2023 Meeting

Agenda item4b.

Express Lanes Enforcement: California Highway Patrol (CHP)
i. Contract Amendment - Interstate 880 (I-880) Express Lanes Enforcement: CHP ($2,390,000)
ii. Contract Amendment - Interstate 680 (I-680) Contra Costa Express Lanes Enforcement: CHP ($1,190,000)

Agenda item4c.

Cooperative Agreement - Interstate 680 Express Lanes Project: Alameda County Transportation Commission

Agenda item5.

Public Comment / Other Business