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Clipper Executive Board

Monday, January 22, 2024 - 1:30 p.m.
Board Room - 1st Floor

Bay Area Metro Center
375 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Agenda Items

Robert Powers, Chair; April Chan, Vice Chair

Members: Bill Churchill, Eddy Cumins, Andrew B. Fremier, Carolyn M. Gonot, Michael Hursh, Denis Mulligan, and Jeffrey Tumlin

Agenda item1.

Call to Order / Roll Call / Confirm Quorum

Agenda item2.

Consent Calendar

Agenda item2a.

Minutes of the November 27, 2023 Meeting

Agenda item3.


Agenda item3a.

Clipper Contract Amendment - Next Generation Clipper® System Advisor Contract: Arcadis, A California Partnership (Arcadis) ($550,000)

Agenda item4.


Agenda item4a.

Clipper® Schedule, Implementation, and Deployment Update

Update on key developments related to the implementation of the current and Next Generation Clipper System (C2).

Agenda item4b.

Current Clipper® Operations and Performance Update

Update on current Clipper system operations and performance

Agenda item5.

Acting Executive Directors Report-Weinstein

Agenda item6.

Public Comment / Other Business

Agenda item7.

Adjournment / Next Meeting