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Programming and Allocations Committee

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 - 9:45 a.m.
Board Room - 1st Floor

Bay Area Metro Center
375 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Agenda Items

Cindy Chavez (Chair), Nate Miley (Vice Chair),
Margaret Abe-Koga, Victoria Fleming, Federal D. Glover,
Gina Papan, Hillary Ronen, Sheng Thao
Non-Voting Members: Dina El-Tawansy, Libby Schaaf

Agenda item1.

Roll Call / Confirm Quorum

Agenda item2.

Consent Calendar

Agenda item2a.

Approval of Programming and Allocations Committee Minutes of November 8, 2023 Meeting

Agenda item2c.

MTC Resolution No. 4510, Revised. Transit Capital Priorities Policy and Program Revisions FYs 2021-22 - 2023-24.

Agenda item2e.

MTC Resolution Nos. 4571, Revised, 4624, and 4626. Allocation of $13.3 million in FY2023-24 State Transit Assistance (STA), Five Percent Unrestricted State Fund Revenue, and Regional Measure 3 funds to the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) and MTC to support transit operations and capital projects in the region.

Agenda item2g.

MTC Resolution Nos. 3989, Revised; 4202, Revised; and 4505, Revised. Various revisions to the One Bay Area Grant programs (OBAG 2 and 3) and MTC exchange program, including reprogramming $4.9 million within the OBAG 3 Regional and County and Local Programs as part of a fund source exchange for the San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s (SFCTA’s) Yerba Buena Island Multi-Use Path and reprogramming $2.7 million to two projects within the OBAG 2 Solano County Program.

Agenda item2h.

MTC Resolution Nos. 4519, Revised, and 4529, Revised. An update to the Transit Transformation Action Plan Program of Projects to program approximately $1.8 million in State Transit Assistance (STA) Population-Based Funds to the Mapping & Wayfinding Standards project and $25,000 in STA Revenue-Based Exchange Funds to support Transit Priority activities. Update to Attachment A of MTC Resolution No. 4529 to clarify eligible activities for the November 2023 allocations to AC Transit and BART, and to allocate $25,000 to support Transit Priority activities.

Agenda item2i.

MTC Resolution No. 4625. Adoption of the $11.7 million FY2023-24 Regional Measure 3 (RM3) Operating Program.

Agenda item3.


Agenda item3a.

Public Hearing: Proposed Amendments to the Regional Measure 3 (RM3) Program.

Pursuant to California Streets and Highways Code Section 30914.7(e), MTC proposes to modify five existing projects and reassign $16.7 million in Regional Measure 3 (RM3) funds, specifically to:

i. Redirect $16,700,000 in funds from the Solano County I-80/I-680/SR-12 Interchange Project (RM3 project #21) to the Solano I-80 Express Lanes (Toll System) project - part of the Bay Area Corridor Express Lanes suite of projects (under RM3 project #2)
ii. Modify scope of Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) project (RM3 project #7) to clarify eligibility of the multi-use pathway along SMART right-of-way.
iii. Modify scope of Highway 101-Marin/Sonoma Narrows (RM3 project #20) to extend the project limits approximately 4.5 miles from Petaluma Blvd. South to Petaluma Blvd. North in Petaluma and approximately three (3) miles from Atherton Ave. to State Route 37 in Novato.
iv. Add the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) as a joint project sponsor to State Route 37 Improvements (RM3 project #23)

A public hearing was held to take comments on the proposal.

Agenda item3b.

MTC Resolution 4619, Revised, and Approval of Regional Short-Term Financial Plan for Senate Bill 125 Transit Funding

A request for approval of the Short-Term Financial Plan for the MTC region, which provides documentation required under Senate Bill 125 to the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) in exchange for the release of $1.1 billion in Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) and Zero-Emission Transit Capital Program (ZETCP) funding to MTC between FY 2023-24 and FY 2026-27, and associated revision to MTC Resolution 4619.

Agenda item4.


Agenda item4a.

Agenda item5.


Agenda item5a.

Housing Incentive Pool and Housing Element:
(i) MTC Resolution No. 4505, Revised. Revisions to MTC’s One Bay Area Grant (OBAG 3) Program to update Housing Element compliance requirements.

(ii) MTC Resolution Nos. 4202, Revised and 4348, Revised. Revisions to MTC’s Housing Incentive Pool (HIP) to adopt eligibility and programming guidelines, an update of the final year of the program (2022), and the preliminary list of HIP program standings by jurisdiction (2018-2022).

Agenda item6.


Agenda item6a.

California Transportation Commission (CTC) and State Funding Programs Update

Update on California Transportation Commission (CTC) and state funding programs under the CTC’s purview.

Agenda item7.

Public Comment / Other Business

Agenda item8.

Adjournment / Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Programming and Allocations Committee will be held on January 10, 2024 at the Bay Area Metro Center, 375 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA.