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Equitable Housing | Metro Talks: Rebuilding a Better Bay

In wake of our current health, economic and housing crisis, and as people protest for racial justice in cities across the country, we launched The Metro Talks Equity Series—a series where regional thought leaders consider how to best restore the Bay Area with equity as the guiding core value.

This talk took place on June 3, 2020, and looked squarely at the housing affordability crisis, which was already a major public policy challenge before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our panelists include:

  • Conor Dougherty; Economics reporter for The New York Times and author of "Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America"
  • Lorena Melgarejo; Executive Director, Faith in Action
  • Steven Falk; Formerly Interim Oakland City Administrator and Lafayette City Manager
  • And moderator, Therese McMillan; Executive Director, MTC-ABAG

Metro Talks is a remote series of public forums to seed and exchange ideas on how the Bay Area can transform for the better. The forums bring together prominent leaders and experts to discuss significant regional issues like housing, community development, climate change, the economy, technology, and transportation.