Next Steps

The Preferred Scenario will next undergo an environmental assessment under CEQA to inform decision-makers, responsible and trustee agencies, and Bay Area residents of the range of potential environmental impacts that could result from its implementation. The environmental analysis will also analyze a range of reasonable alternatives to the adopted preferred scenario that could feasibly attain most of the Plan's objectives and would avoid or substantially lessen any of the significant environmental impacts. One of the alternatives to be considered, for example, came directly from the stakeholder feedback process. Staff will present potential alternatives for the environmental analysis at the December 9 meeting of the Joint MTC Planning Committee and ABAG Administrative Committee.  

In addition to approving the Preferred Scenario, the MTC Commission and ABAG Executive last month also approved a policy statement outlining the need to develop an "Action Plan" for Plan Bay Area 2040. The Action Plan will identify concrete near- and medium-term action items for MTC, ABAG, and other stakeholders to improve progress on the Plan's performance targets, with a focus on those targets where Plan Bay Area 2040 is moving off trajectory: housing affordability, displacement risk, and access to jobs.

The Action Plan will be adopted concurrent with the final Plan Bay Area 2040, and will be developed in consultation with local jurisdictions, interested public agencies, and non-governmental organizations representing the economy, environment and social equity.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report and Draft Plan Bay Area 2040 document will be released in Spring 2017. Final adoption of Plan Bay Area 2040 is expected by mid-2017.