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State Cap and Trade Monies Fuel Bay Area Projects
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The California State Transportation Agency today announced $110 million in grants for five public transit projects benefiting the Bay Area.


FY 2018-19 Transit Application Workbook
FY_2018-19_Application_Workbook.xlsx (197.93 KB)
Transit Fund Application Manual FY 2018-19
FY19_Application_Manual.pdf (700.58 KB)
FY17 Letter to Claimant
FY17_Letter_to_Claimant.pdf (277.57 KB)
FY 2016-17 Transit Application Workbook
FY_2016-17_Application_Workbook.xlsx (204.54 KB)
Transit Fund Application Manual FY 2016-17
FY17_Application_Manual.pdf (559.9 KB)