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Bike to Work Day is May 16

Bay Area Celebrates 30 Years With Events, Energizer Stations
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Marcella Aranda, 415-778-5214

Thursday, May 16, marks the 30th anniversary of Bay Area Bike to Work Day/Bike to Wherever Day(s), which started in 1994 as a celebration of bicycles as a fun and healthy way to commute. The event encourages both regular bike commuters and those who typically do not cycle to consider it as a transportation mode. Bike to Work Day also advocates for enhanced bicycle infrastructure and safety throughout the region. All nine Bay Area counties offer Energizer Stations for cyclists, hold special events, and invite elected officials to show their support. 

Since its inception, Bay Area Bike to Work Day, has attracted increasing participation from both new and seasoned riders. Throughout May, Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days, our region’s counties are hosting a Bay Area Bike Challenge which invites riders to log their trips and compete for one of eight different prizes. “It is incredible to see how much has changed in the world of bicycling in the last 30 years, thanks largely to the visibility biking gets each year on this day. To mark the 30th anniversary, we invited bikers to participate in a month-long goal of logging 30,000 bike miles. This Bike Challenge has been a huge success. After only two weeks, we have exceeded our goal. This is a testament to the passion and hard work of cyclists across the Bay Area,“ said Andrew Fremier, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). 

On Bike to Work Day, the nine Bay Area counties will set up Energizer Stations where riders can pick up commemorative bags filled with a host of giveaways, or refuel and re-energize on their way to their final destination. These stations are coordinated by local county bicycle coalitions or agencies and hosted by businesses, cities, schools, and nonprofits, primarily run by volunteers. “Part of what makes Bike to Work Day so special is the broad participation. It is a real community event, spanning nearly every community in the Bay Area,” stated Marcella Aranda, MTC Public Information Officer.

For the first time, all Energizer Station locations are on one regional map. The day before Bike to Work Day, the Bay Area had hundreds of Energizer Stations across all nine counties, with various events throughout the day and into the weekend. “We are thrilled to see the deeper collaboration across the region. So many of us start out biking in one county and end up in another. This shows just how connected our region is,” said Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Clarrissa Cabansagan.

A beloved hallmark of Bike To Work Day and Bike to Wherever Days is the commemorative yellow, green, and blue tote bag given away at Energizer Stations, featuring new art each year. San Francisco-based artist Patrick Sean Gibson has designed the artwork for the commemorative bags since 2021. “I'm a huge fan of minimal color palettes and super inspired by the poster art of the Fillmore back in the day...The background design of this year's bag is loosely inspired by the flowy Fillmore posters of the late ‘60s, the general San Francisco trippy vibe.” said Patrick. Read more about what Patrick has to say about the art. 

Additional information about Bike to Wherever Days and Bike to Work Day is available on our website at Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days are presented by MTC (the transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area), 511 (the region’s traveler information system), and Amazon. BTWD 2024 also receives support from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and BART, as well as from many sponsors at the local level. Prizes for the Bike Champion of the Year winners were donated by MTCSports Basement and Mike’s Bikes.