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MTC Approves Second Award of Federal Relief Funds

MTC today approved the allocation of $802 million to Bay Area transit operators as part of a second round of federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Appropriations Act (CRRSAA) funding to help transit agencies battered from revenue losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the action taken Wednesday, MTC made these allocations:

  • AC Transit  $55,542,954
  • BART  $274,420,539
  • Caltrain  $39,755,402
  • Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District  $39,429,475
  • SFMTA (MUNI)  $297,168,390
  • SamTrans  $16,037,830
  • VTA  $39,355,158
  • Altamont Commuter Express (ACE)  $1,541,963
  • Central Contra Costa Transit Authority  $3,688,131
  • City of Dixon  $69,918
  • Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority  $2,456,412
  • City of Fairfield  $1,049,102
  • Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority  $1,636,697
  • Marin Transit  $3,654,814
  • Napa Valley Transportation Authority  $1,539,743
  • City of Petaluma  $351,690
  • City of Rio Vista  $28,192
  • SMART  $1,789,716
  • City of Santa Rosa  $1,931,323
  • Solano County Transit  $1,692,275
  • Sonoma County Transit  $1,438,846
  • Transbay Joint Powers Authority  $3,287,474
  • Union City Transit  $514,277
  • City of Vacaville  $462,867
  • Western Contra Costa Transit Authority  $1,263,299
  • Water Emergency Transportation Agency (WETA)  $13,475,795

Total: $802,669,615

When approving the final distribution of CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act funding in July 2020, the Commission directed staff to apply a “true-up” of funding to any future allocation of federal dollars for pandemic relief, compensating operators that received less CARES Act funding than they should have due to inaccurate revenue loss forecasts.  

Additional money for transit came in the form of a combined $2.3 trillion federal COVID relief package and fiscal year 2021 Appropriations bill approved in December 2020. It provides $14 billion in supplemental funding to public transit due to pandemic losses. This provided a total of about $982 million to the Bay Area to assist the region’s transit operators.

A first round of CRRSA funding was made in late January 2021 for $179,601,678. These initial awards included:

  • BART $103,717,002
  • Caltrain $6,936,627
  • Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District $20,319,959
  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MUNI) $43,750,147
  • Water Emergency Transportation Agency (WETA) $4,877,943

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