High School Internships

MTC offers Bay Area high school students the opportunity to discover the inner workings of a metropolitan planning organization, and start on a career path in government service.

The Bay Area Summer Academy

For the summer of 2021, MTC partnered with other Bay Area regional agencies to host the Bay Area Summer Academy for high school students.

During six weekly one-hour online seminars in July 2021, students learned:

  • What regional agencies do, and the skills needed for a future career in the public sector
  • How to weigh in on decisions that impact the air we breathe, the neighborhoods we live in, how we get to work and school, spaces for exercise, and other factors that shape our communities’ health
  • How to have a voice in making decisions that benefit their communities
  • How to answer questions like: How long is a bridge supposed to last? Why are there so many potholes? Why is housing so costly? Is the water really rising in the Bay Area?

Students attended online sessions, completed quizzes, and at the end of the program, made a brief presentation on a local challenge involving transportation, housing, environmental justice and/or related topics.

Upon completing the Bay Area Summer Academy, students received a certificate to include in college, vocational and/or job applications.

Applicant qualifications:

  • Live and attend high school in the Bay Area
  • Be 16 years old and have completed the ninth grade by July 2021
  • Be able to attend online seminars and present on a topic related to the seminars
  • If the student is under 18, have the permission of a parent or guardian to participate

Selected participants come from across the Bay Area, with a focus on young people who might not otherwise consider a public sector career. Students of all races and ethnic backgrounds were strongly encouraged to apply. Grade point averages were not considered.

Participating agencies include the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

Staff Contact

Phone: (415) 778-5207
Email: InternCoordinator@bayareametro.gov

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is an equal-opportunity, non-discriminatory employer. MTC provides all employees and applicants with an equal opportunity in every aspect of the employment experience regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, physical handicap, medical condition or marital status.