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2016 Bay Area Team Bike Challenge Tops Participation Record

Team Bike Challenge and Company Bike Challenge announce winners for the month-long competition in May.
Noah Berger
Hallie Baron, 415-793-7435

Whatever way you measure Team Bike Challenge’s impact — whether it is the number of people participating, the amount of green miles cycled, the pounds of carbon dioxide removed from the air or the aggregate calories burned — the friendly competition that attracts commuters from across the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area logged some impressive numbers in 2016. Joining the ranks of more than 13,000 previously registered riders, this year's pedalers — 2,519 cyclists riding on 1,827 teams for 535 companies — were inspired to take part in the month-long cycling competition that pays big dividends for the environment and their own good health. While many are hardcore cyclists, some novices tried bicycle commuting for the first time.

The number of individuals who committed to riding their bikes to and from work – as well as for errands, shopping and the like – throughout the month of May tells only part of the story. By the close of competition on May 31, the riders collectively logged an incredible 374,080 miles — saving over 374,168 pounds of CO2 and burning close to 16,085,458 calories.

Team Bike Challenge Winners

When the tallying was done, Santa Clara’s #TeamLCR took top honors with 465 points and 6,594 miles biked! (San Francisco County) came in second with 399 points and 7,999 miles followed by Get Your Erigeron (Marin County,) with a total of 398 points and 3,167 miles for third place. In the individual competition, the podium was a “1, 2, 3” of 93-point winners from San Francisco! Carlos Estrella took first place with 3,147 miles, followed by Ramesh G. (2,375 miles) and Peter Chang (2,228 miles).

Company Bike Challenge Winners

In addition to the individual and team competitions, Company Bike Challenge (CBC) plays a key role in getting employees motivated and inspired to commute by bike. Corporate participation is a huge part of what makes Team Bike Challenge and Bike to Work Day a success, and the CBC results show what a difference that can make.

The large company competition (over 300 employees) was won once again by Apple, Inc., this year, with 5,703 points and 46,188 miles biked. Sunpower came in second with 3,457 points and 24,398 miles biked, and Tesla Motors, motored into third place with 2,486 points and 19,137 miles!

In the medium company competition (50-300 employees), last year's first and second place winners swapped positions, with Sun Light and Power moving into first with 718 points and 3,546 miles biked and Marmot Mountain LLC taking second with 600 points and 4,020 miles. Third place went to WRA, Inc. with 540 points and 4,100 miles.

And for yet another year, the small company competition was won by kW Engineering! They collectively rode 3,175 miles, which earned them 480 points. IBM Watson, Redwood City improved their standing from third to second place this year, earning 384 points and 3,293 miles biked! And third place was taken by David Baker Architects, with 329 points and 1,836 miles ridden.

Team Bike Challenge is funded by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Canary Challenge. The San Francisco Bay Area's Bike to Work Day program and Bike Month are brought to you by presenting sponsors 511, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), and Kaiser Permanente, with additional sponsorship by Clif BarBART, Clear Channel Outdoor, and media sponsor KPIX5. Team Bike Challenge would not be possible without the partnership between local bike coalitions and congestion management agencies. Find out more about your local bicycle coalition and events throughout the region by going to and clicking on the logo for your local organization.