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‘Five Free Rides’ Incentive Program Launches on February 1, 2019

MTC’s Bay Area Carpool Program, with Scoop and Waze Carpool, offers free rides to help reduce traffic
Gabi Brazzil, Marketing Manager, Bay Area Carpool Program,

The Bay Area Carpool Program is offering a new incentive to help reduce single drivers, emissions and congestion: Five Free Rides to all new Scoop and Waze Carpool riders in the nine-county Bay Area. Five Free Rides gives new Scoop and Waze Carpool riders the opportunity to experience the ease of carpooling with improved technology. The Scoop and Waze Carpool applications both provide matches, scheduling and seamless payment.

The promotion starts on February 1 and will run through June 30, 2019. New Scoop users can download the app and the free rides will automatically be placed into their account. New Waze Carpool users should download the app and enter promo code CARPOOL to activate the free rides. On both apps, the offer expires two weeks from download.

“We want to make carpooling feel more accessible as a greener commute option by offering resources and rewards. We hope to remove a barrier by taking the guesswork out of carpooling, and this is where our app partners have been key,” shares Barbara Laurenson, Carpool Program Manager for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

Carpooling can reduce peak hour traffic on well-traveled highways and bridges to the region’s job hubs. The Bay Area’s busiest travel times align with Scoop and Waze Carpool’s height of trip requests and available matches, ideal for a new carpooler looking to improve their work commute.

"We're proud to be a part of the Bay Area Carpool Program. Together with MTC and our enterprise partners, we hope to help residents and employees across the Bay Area make their commutes more enjoyable and efficient, ultimately helping them be happier and less stressed in their day-to-day lives," says Robert Sadow, Co-Founder and CEO of Scoop.

"Waze Carpool is thrilled to offer new Bay Area Carpoolers free rides in partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and help drivers and riders save time, money and the environment while decreasing traffic,” says Josh Fried, Head of Waze Carpool.

All a new carpooler needs to do is download Scoop, or download Waze Carpool with the promo code CARPOOL, and enter their trip details to find a free carpool ride. More information is available at

Five Free Rides is a collaboration between the public and private sectors designed to benefit commuters and reduce congestion, a shared goal. MTC is the regional transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

The Bay Area Carpool Program is an initiative of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Five Rides Free is funded by MTC with grants from FHWA and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.