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Executive Director's Report

Report to the Commission and the ABAG Executive Board: July 24, 2019

Status Report: AB 1487 Ad Hoc Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee appointed by the MTC Chair and ABAG President met three times since its designation in May by President Rabbitt and Chair Scott Haggerty. Members include:

  • VC Alfredo Pedroza, Jim Spering, Amy Worth, Libby Schaaf and Damon Connolly (MTC)
  • President David Rabbit, VP Jesse Arreguin, Cindy Chavez, Julie Pierce and Warren Slocum (ABAG)

A report of its activities has been included in the Legislative Committee report for this month, as part of the work continuing around AB 1487 (Chiu) in the State Legislature.

Bay Trail 30th Anniversary

This year the Bay Trail Project celebrates 30 years since the adoption of the Bay Trail Plan by the ABAG Executive Board, which occurred on June 15, 1989. The trail is now 70% complete and growing, with over 350 miles of trail in use by the public for recreation, transportation and environmental education. We have had significant press coverage on this milestone within the past month: 1) an 8-page article in the current edition of Bay Nature magazine (provided to you today, and made possible by MTC), 2) a July 5 front page San Francisco Chronicle article, 3) an entire episode on NBC Bay Area’s Open Road with Doug McConnell that aired on July 14 and is available to view on the Open Road website (made possible by BATA and the Bay Trail nonprofit). I’d like to thank the MTC Commission for their support of this important regional program.

Upcoming Events:

Kick-off meeting: Joint ABAG-MTC Governance Committee

July 24, 2019

F, the appointed Joint ABAG MTC Governance Committee of MTC — designated as a result of the 2017 Memorandum of Understanding to “begin discussions on whether the two agencies should restructure their governing boards to better serve the region and to better utilize the consolidate staff” — will meet for the first time. The six MTC Commissioner members appointed by Chair Scott Haggerty are himself, Vice Chair Alfredo Pedroza, Nick Josefowitz, Jim Spering, David Cortese, and Amy Worth.  The six ABAG members appointed to the Committee by President Rabbitt are  himself, Vice President Jesse Arreguin, Cindy Chavez, Julie Pierce, John Rahaim, and Warren Slocum.