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November 2016 Ballot Measure Results

How Key Measures on Transportation, Housing and Infrastructure Fared
Voters approved a 30-year, $3.5 billion bond to fund BART's system renewal plan.
John A. Benson

All but two of the 22 local and regional transportation and housing ballot measures endorsed by the MTC Commission were approved by voters in last night's election. Together these measures will raise billions for efforts to extend and rebuild BART, maintain AC Transit operations, improve Muni and Caltrain operations, repair roads, reduce congestion and build affordable housing. In addition, a statewide referendum related to public infrastructure bonds opposed by the MTC Commission did not pass.

A results summary is provided in the table; official ballot measure designations are provided below.

MTC-Endorsed Ballot Measures

Result Measure Summary Revenue Estimate

Y N Eligible Expenditure Type County


BART Infrastructure Bond

(Measure RR)
30-year bond to fund BART's system-renewal plan $3,500 70% 30% Transportation Multi
Pass AC Transit Parcel Tax Measure

(Measure C1)
20-year parcel tax extension to provide a steady source of operating funding for AC transit $600 82% 18% Transportation Multi

Alameda County Affordable Housing Bond

(Measure A1)

20-year general obligation bond to support affordable housing, supportive housing, and anti-displacement $580 72% 28% Housing Alameda

City of Albany Sidewalk Repair Special Parcel Tax

(Measure P1)

10-year special parcel tax to fund sidewalk improvements in the city of Albany $2 78% 22% Transportation Alameda

City of Berkeley General Obligation Bond

(Measure T1)

General obligation bond for infrastructure and facilities improvements $100 86% 14% Broad eligibility, including transportation Alameda
Pass City of Berkeley Landlord Tax (Measure U1) Business license tax on owners of five or more residential rental units to generate funding for affordable housing $120

(30 year estimates)
74% 26% Housing Alameda
Pass City of Oakland Infrastructure Bond

(Measure KK)
10-year infrastructure bond to support transportation, housing, anti-displacement, and other purposes $600 82% 18% Transportation, housing, and other Alameda
Pass City of Martinez Road Improvement and Maintenance 1/2-Cent Sales Tax (Measure D) 15-year, 1/2-cent sales tax to fund road maintenance and improvements $30 71% 29% Transportation Contra Costa
Pass City of Pleasant Hill 1/2-Cent Sales Tax (Measure K) 20-year, 1/2-cent general sales tax which could fund various city services and infrastructure $80 66% 34% Broad eligibility, including transportation Contra Costa
Fail Contra Costa Transportation Authority 1/2-Cent Sales Tax

(Measure X)
30-year, half-cent sales tax to fund various transit network improvements, local streets and roads, and congestion reduction projects $2,900 62% 38% Transportation Contra Costa
Pass City of Mill Valley Municipal Service Tax (Measure H) 10-year municipal service tax extension with revenues dedicated to fire safety, street maintenance, and road repair $18 77% 23% Broad eligibility, including transportation Marin
Pass Town of Fairfax 3/4-Cent Sales Tax (Measure C) 10-year, 3/4-cent sales tax measure to fund city general operations and capital projects, including street repair (increases and extends the existing Measure D sales tax) $6.70 76% 24% Broad eligibility, including transportation Marin
Fail San Francisco Charter Amendment (Measure J) and General Sales Tax (Measure K) for Transportation and Homelessness [Passage required for both measures] Charter amendment to create 25-year general fund set aside for a Homelessness Housing and Services Fund ($50 million annually) and a Transportation Investment Fund ($100 million annually) $3,700









Transportation and housing San Francisco
Pass City of Belmont 1/2-Cent Sales Tax (Measure I) 30-year, 1/2-cent general sales tax increase for city priorities, including congestion relief and street repair $39 55% 45% Broad eligibility, including transportation San Mateo
Pass City of East Palo Alto 1/2-Cent Sales Tax (Measure P) 1/2-cent general sales tax to fund city priorities, including street repair $54

(30 year estimates)
84% 16% Broad eligibility, including transportation San Mateo
Pass San Mateo County 1/2-Cent Sales Tax (Measure K) 20-year extension of Measure A, a 1/2-cent general sales tax, to fund city priorities including transit and affordable housing $1,600 70% 30% Broad eligibility, including transportation and housing San Mateo
Pass Santa Clara County Affordable Housing Bond (Measure A) 30-year bond to fund affordable housing for low- and moderate income households, including first-time homebuyer assistance $950 67% 33% Housing Santa Clara
Pass Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority 1/2-Cent Sales Tax (Measure B) 30-year half-cent sales tax to fund the final leg of the BART extension to Silicon Valley, Caltrain grade separations and capacity improvements, and high-priority local street and road repairs $6,500 71% 29% Transportation Santa Clara
Pass City of Fairfield 1-Cent Sales Tax (Measure P) 15-year extension of Measure P, a 1-cent general sales tax which funds city priorities including street maintenance and repair $240 68% 32% Broad eligibility, including transportation Solano
Pass City of Suisun 1-Cent Sales Tax (Measure S) 10-year, 1-cent general sales tax with revenues directed to a variety of purposes, including road and street infrastructure maintenance and repair $18 68% 32% Broad eligibility, including transportation Solano
Pass City of Vacaville 3/4-Cent Sales Tax (Measure M) 20-year, 3/4 cent general sales tax measure to fund city priorities, including road repair (increases and extends the existing Measure M sales tax) $300 62% 38% Broad eligibility, including transportation Solano
Pass City of Vallejo 1-Cent Sales Tax (Measure V) Extends Measure B, a 1-cent general sales tax which funds city priorities, including road work $420

(30 year estimates)
64% 36% Broad eligibility, including transportation Solano

MTC-Opposed Ballot Measure

Result Measure Summary Y N County


California Public Infrastructure Bond Voter Approval

(Proposition 53)

Requires statewide voter approval for any public infrastructure revenue bond above $2 billion issued by a joint powers authority created by the state or in which the state is a member, even if that bond was meant to fund a local or regional project 49% 51% Statewide


Official Language for November 2016 Ballot Measures


Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and the City and County of San Francisco

Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) – Measure RR - BART Infrastructure Bond

"To keep BART safe; prevent accidents/breakdowns/delays; relieve overcrowding; reduce traffic congestion/pollution; improve earthquake safety and access for seniors/disabled by replacing and upgrading 90 miles of severely worn tracks; tunnels damaged by water intrusion; 44-year-old train control systems; and other deteriorating infrastructure, shall the Bay Area Rapid Transit District issue $3.5 billion of bonds for acquisition or improvement of real property subject to independent oversight and annual audits?"

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District 1 (AC Transit) – Measure C1 – AC Transit Parcel Tax Renewal

"To preserve essential local public transportation services, including those for youth, commuters, seniors, and people with disabilities, while keeping fares reasonable, shall the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District extend its existing 8 dollars per month parcel tax at current levels for 20 years with no increase in tax rate, raising approximately 30 million dollars annually, with independent oversight and all money spent locally?"

Alameda County

Alameda County – Measure A1 – Affordable Housing Bond

"To provide affordable local housing and prevent displacement of vulnerable populations, including low-and moderate-income households, veterans, seniors, and persons with disabilities; provide supportive housing for homeless people countywide; and help low-and middle-income households purchase homes and stay in their communities; shall the County of Alameda issue up to $580 million in general obligation bonds to acquire or improve real property, subject to independent citizen oversight and regular audits?"

City of Albany – Measure P1 - Sidewalk Repair Special Parcel Tax

"To repair and upgrade aging and deteriorating public sidewalks and remove obstructions so that Albany sidewalks are safe and accessible by pedestrians, including people with disabilities that affect mobility, shall the City of Albany enact a special parcel tax ($38.65 annually for most single-family parcels, other parcel types at specified rates) for 10 years providing approximately $203,000 annually, with annual public reports and all proceeds to be spent in Albany?"

City of Berkeley – Measure T1 – General Obligation Bond

"Shall the City of Berkeley issue general obligation bonds not exceeding $100,000,000 to repair, renovate, replace, or reconstruct the City’s aging infrastructure and facilities, including sidewalks, storm drains, parks, streets, senior and recreation centers, and other important City facilities and buildings?"

"Financial Implications: The average annual cost over the 40-year period the bonds are outstanding would be approximately $21, $90, and $128, respectively, for homes with assessed valuations of $100,000, $425,000 and $600,000."

City of Berkeley – Measure U1 – Gross Receipts Tax for Affordable Housing

"Shall an ordinance permanently increasing the gross receipts tax on owners of five or more residential rental units be increased from 1.081% to 2.880%, prohibiting landlords from passing the tax on to sitting tenants, and directing the Housing Advisory Commission to make recommendations on funding and programs to increase affordable housing and protect Berkeley residents from homelessness, be adopted?"

"Financial Implications: This amendment is estimated to raise approximately $3,900,000 annually, increasing with rents."

City of Oakland – Measure KK – Oakland Infrastructure Bond

"To improve public safety and invest in neighborhoods throughout Oakland by re-paving streets to remove potholes, rebuilding cracked and deteriorating sidewalks, funding bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, funding affordable housing for Oaklanders, and providing funds for facility improvements, such as, neighborhood recreation centers, playgrounds, and libraries, shall the City of Oakland issue $600 million in bonds, subject to independent citizen oversight and regular audits?"

Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County – Measure X – Contra Costa Transportation Authority Sales Tax

"To implement a Transportation Expenditure Plan to continue:

•           Repairing potholes/fixing roads;

•           Improving BART capacity/reliability;

•           Improving Highways 680, 80, 24, and 4;

•           Enhancing bus/transit including for seniors and people with disabilities;

•           Increasing bicycle/pedestrian safety;

•           Improving air quality;

•           Reducing traffic;

shall voters adopt the ordinance augmenting the sales tax by ½%, raising ninety-seven million dollars for transportation improvements annually for 30 years with independent oversight, audits, and all money benefitting local residents?"

City of Martinez – Measure D – Martinez Road Improvement and Maintenance Sales Tax

"To provide funding that stays in Martinez, to be used exclusively to improve and maintain the City’s roadways, shall an ordinance which imposes a temporary, half-cent transaction and use (sales) tax for 15 years, providing an estimated $2.1 million annually, with citizens’ oversight and annual audits, be adopted?"

City of Pleasant Hill – Measure K – Sales Tax

"To provide and maintain Pleasant Hill city services and facilities, including fixing potholes, and repairing neighborhood and city streets; replacing the aging library with a 21st century facility including space for after-school homework and tutoring; creating additional walking and biking paths; maintaining storm drains; and other city services; shall the City of Pleasant Hill levy a 1/2 cent sales tax, providing $4,000,000 annually for 20 years, providing locally controlled funding that cannot be taken by the State?"

Marin County

Town of Fairfax – Measure C – Maintaining Quality Fairfax Services Sales Tax Extension

"Shall the Town of Fairfax extend the existing one-half percent local sales tax and increase the rate by one-quarter percent to provide funding that cannot be taken by the State, and can be used for a period of 10 years subject to annual independent audits to maintain and enhance quality public safety and general services, improve infrastructure such as repairing sidewalks, pedestrian trails, repaving streets, and enhancing downtown, while retaining Fairfax’s character?"

City of Mill Valley – Measure H

"To renew funding exclusively for improved fire safety activities, street maintenance, and road repair, shall the Mill Valley Municipal Service Tax be renewed within the City of Mill Valley Community Facilities District Number 2016-1, at a rate of $266 for single family residential property, with a 2% annual adjustment, raising an average of $1.79 million annually over 10 years, and shall the appropriations limit be established, all as specified in Mill Valley City Council Resolution No. 16-39?"

City and County of San Francisco

City and County of San Francisco – Measure J – General Fund Set-Aside for Homelessness and Transportation

"Shall the City amend the Charter to create a Homeless Housing and Services Fund, which would provide services to the homeless including housing and Navigation Centers, programs to prevent homelessness and assistance in transitioning out of homelessness by allocating $50 million per year for 24 years, adjusted annually; and create a Transportation Improvement Fund, which would be used to improve the City’s transportation network by allocating $101.6 million per year for 24 years, adjusted annually?"

San Mateo County

City of East Palo Alto – Measure P – Sales Tax

"To make neighborhoods safer by maintaining rapid police response times/number of police officers patrolling neighborhood streets; repairing streets/potholes; updating drinking water/storm drain infrastructure; maintaining youth/senior programs and other vital City services, shall East Palo Alto enact a one-half cent (1/2%) sales tax that it can only be ended by voters providing about $1,800,000 annually, with citizens' oversight, annual independent audits, all funds benefitting East Palo Alto?"

City of Belmont – Measure I – Sales Tax

"To provide local funding for maintaining general City of Belmont services/facilities such as fixing potholes, repairing 69 miles of city streets, maintaining 911 emergency response, repairing deteriorating storm drains, reducing traffic congestion/improving public safety on neighborhood streets, shall Belmont enact a 1/2 cent sales tax providing $1,300,000 annually for 30 years, requiring citizens' oversight, independent audits, with all funds for local City of Belmont services and no funds for Sacramento?"

San Mateo County – Measure K – Sales Tax Extension

"To ensure San Mateo County quality of life by retaining/improving critical facilities/services, such as: providing affordable homes for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, families; enhancing public transit; combatting human trafficking; addressing sea level rise; maintaining safe schools and neighborhoods; high-quality preschool and reading programs; park maintenance; and low-income healthcare, shall San Mateo County extend the existing half-cent sales tax, without increasing the rate, providing $85,000,000 annually for 20 years that the State cannot take away?"

Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County – Measure A – Affordable Housing Bond

"To provide affordable local housing for vulnerable populations including veterans, seniors, the disabled, low and moderate income individuals or families, foster youth, victims of abuse, the homeless and individuals suffering from mental health or substance abuse illnesses, which housing may include supportive mental health and substance abuse services, shall the County of Santa Clara issue up to $950 million in general obligation bonds to acquire or improve real property subject to independent citizen oversight and regular audits?"

Santa Clara County – Measure B – Transportation Authority Sales Tax

"To relieve traffic, repair potholes; shall VTA enact a 30-year half-cent sales tax to: Repair streets, fix potholes in all 15 cities; Finish BART extension to downtown San Jose, Santa Clara; Improve bicycle/pedestrian safety, especially near schools; Increase Caltrain capacity, easing highway congestion, improving safety at crossings; Relieve traffic on all 9 expressways, key highway interchanges; Enhance transit for seniors, students, disabled; Mandating annual audits by independent citizens watchdog committee to ensure accountability?"

Solano County

City of Fairfield – Measure P – Sales Tax Extension

"To renew expiring funding without increasing tax rates, shall the Ordinance be adopted extending the existing 1% sales tax for fifteen years to preserve approximately $16 million in local annual funding for the City of Fairfield that the state cannot take away to support neighborhood police patrols, firefighting and rapid 9-1-1 emergency response, crime prevention programs, fixing potholes and repairing neighborhood streets, parks and recreation, and other general services, with mandatory audits and independent oversight?"

City of Suisun – Measure S – Sales Tax

"To provide funding, that cannot be taken by the State, to maintain Suisun City services that make neighborhoods safer including: rapid 911 emergency responses, neighborhood police patrols, youth crime/gang prevention, fire prevention/protection, fixing potholes, maintaining City streets/streetlights, maintaining City parks/street trees, and other vital City services, shall Suisun City enact a one-cent (1%) sales tax for ten years, providing $1,800,000 annually, with annual audits, citizens’ oversight, all funds spent locally in Suisun City?"

City of Vacaville – Measure M – Vacaville Essential Services Protection Sales Tax Extension

"To protect essential city services such as police programs to fight domestic violence, child/elder abuse, gang activity and neighborhood crime; fire/paramedic services for quick emergency response times; street lighting for safety; and other city services, shall City of Vacaville Ordinance No. 1899 be approved to renew a sales/use tax at a 3/4-cent rate for 20 years, providing approximately $14,700,000 per year in locally controlled funding that stays in Vacaville?"

City of Vallejo – Measure V – Sales Tax

"Shall an “Ordinance Amending Vallejo Municipal Code to Maintain Enhanced Funding for 911 Response, Police Patrols, Firefighter and Emergency Medical Services, Youth Programs, Street and Pothole Repair, Graffiti Removal, Economic Development, and Other General City Services, Renewing the Existing, Voter-Approved, One Percent Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax (Measure B) to Provide Approximately $14 Million Yearly with All Revenues Independently Audited and Expenditures Publicly Reviewed and Locally Controlled” be adopted?"


Statewide – Proposition 53 – Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval. Initiative Constitutional Amendment

"Requires statewide voter approval before any revenue bonds can be issued or sold by the state for certain projects if the bond amount exceeds $2 billion. Fiscal Impact: State and local fiscal effects are unknown and would depend on which projects are affected by the measure and what actions government agencies and voters take in response to the measure’s voting requirement."

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