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Bridge Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Counter Data

A cyclist and pedestrians on the Richmond-San Rafael bicycle/pedestrian path
Karl Nielsen

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) maintains a system of continuous automatic counters to detect and record bicycle and pedestrian volumes 24/7 at select bicycle/pedestrian facility locations on BATA toll bridges.

The dashboards linked below display counter data visually, and the data also can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Please note: Most of the counters installed on shared-use trails distinguish between bicycles and pedestrians, and they generate discrete totals for the two modes.

The counters were installed at different times over several years; BATA does not have data on bicycle or pedestrian activity prior to installation.

Count results are subject to factors that affect accuracy. For instance, a “No Data” count can result from issues with counter maintenance, the age and generation of the counter devices, and extrinsic factors such as damage, interference, extreme weather and vandalism. If a counter is offline at any time, results do not include bicyclists and pedestrians who passed the counter location during the downtime. We work to limit sources of machine downtime, and systematic and random error.