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Fund Management System

Our online Fund Management System, or FMS, helps you dive as deep as you like into the TIP — and beyond.

MTC’s Fund Management System, or FMS, allows agencies and individuals outside our organization to interact with our transportation project funding data. Whether you’re an interested Bay Area resident or a public agency pro, the FMS is your window on the funding details behind Bay Area transportation projects.

  • Use the FMS as a tool to search for specific projects. Search by TIP identification, county, by project sponsor or by keyword.
  • Generate reports, get maps, and print or save the results to common file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe Acrobat.

For Public Agency Staff

Staff from transit agencies, county congestion management agencies and other project sponsors can enter the FMS Secure Portal, which allows users to edit project descriptions or propose project amendments.

You must be authorized in order to sign into the FMS Secure Portal. There, project sponsors can access MTC’s Universal Application propose revisions to existing projects, view submitted applications, or edit current applications.

For the Public

FMS can be used as a tool to query projects and revisions. A map for each project is also included, which better describes the project’s location.


For more help using the FMS application, click on the “Help” tab in the upper-left hand corner of the page, or contact Staff at (415) 778-6757.

Visit our FMS service now.

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